Are You Choosing The Right Engagement Ring?

It’s the time of your life when you are ready to propose for marriage, you’ve found that one, but how are you going to choose the perfect engagement ring? How do you know if the ring you pick is the right engagement ring?

When you propose, you make sure that the setting is romantic, the moment is perfect, and you’ve arranged for it accordingly – making it absolute! But most of all, you want to be sure that the moment when your love takes a look into the little box, she is blown away and her eyes shine bright, as much as the diamond is dazzling bright!

Making a choice for the perfect engagement ring is as important as any step of your journey towards the wedding day. For some ladies, the wedding ring has to be so specific that they feel proud on showing it off to their friends. And if you’re dating one, you already know how specific you got to be. The fact here is that, women believe that their man will know their taste so brilliantly that they will effortlessly pick the right one.

The wedding diamond ring of her dreams – making your job easy – Aida Designs US has it all covered! At Aida Design US, your eyes will only go through the diamond engagement rings that are worthy of taste and trend. You will pick any and will know that your job is absolutely done right! But, if you manage to browse elsewhere, Aida’s checklist is ready to make sure you are a ring rock star and will impress your loved one:

  • Know the style she likes
  • Pay attention to her taste in general
  • Snoop around her Pinterest board and keep an eye on her Facebook feed
  • Check her jewelry box – what she wears in routine and what she wears when she dresses up for an evening
  • Browse through her magazines, she might have left some hints – whether subtle or overt
  • You will know at least if she prefers platinum or gold, traditional or modern.
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The Perfect Fit

Be sure to know her size, because just like that special moment, you do want to know if the ring is going to slip on her finger effortlessly. It should be a perfect fit, just like the two of you. There are of course a few ways to find out if the engagement ring is exactly her size. Either borrows a ring from her jewelry box or just wear one o her rings on your finger and see where the rings stops.

Is The Diamond Matching Her Taste?

Every woman has a unique taste for the diamond, shape and size. You need to know what stone to pick, but more specifically the right stone depends on few factors;

Her Taste – Of course, everything comes back to this one point – the choice of the bride-to-be. See if you ever heard her talking about the stone size of engagement ring in someone’s hand, a smaller stone was what inspired her or was it a huge one.

Her Lifestyle – You need to consider her lifestyle as well for choosing the stone size. Is she athletic, does she have an office job? Choose the size accordingly. Remember that if the stone size matters to your beloved a lot, then you will need to pay more attention to the diamond or stone then the design.

Spend the Right Amount of Money

A very basic way of deciding on the amount you need to spend on the engagement ring is to simply consider your salary. A ring that costs as much as your three months salary might simply be the rule of thumb to follow, and it has been used since ages, although time has changed!

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You just want to stay natural and in your limits. Do your research well and consider your partners approach as well. You can stay in your comfort zone and still buy the best priced diamond engagement ring, because at the end of the day, it’s the love that you are tying in your relation more than accessories.