5 things to consider with dermal filler treatment

A typical plumped and youthful skin loses its volume as we age and dermal fillers are used to fill out the apparent wrinkles and facial lines. Dermal filler treatment can be used as a non-invasive alternate to facial implant known to increase volume of the cheeks and chin, cure minor deformities in the nasal cavity, remove hollows beneath the eyes and fluffs thin lips.

Fillers in Dubai are available in many different types that may last anywhere between a few months to several years. Although dermal fillers are safe, do consult a qualified practitioner thereby avoiding complications. They’re injected by qualified practitioners, dermatologists, surgeons and cosmetic surgery experts. Certain things that must be considered before the treatment such as;

  1. Are you a good candidate?

Loss of collagen and fat from the skin results in sagging and fine lines as we age! Dermal fillers can help restore the youthful volume and smoothen the skin creases.

  1. What to expect before the treatment?

Explain what you want or expecting from the dermal filler treatment on visiting the clinic. Doctors, having sufficient expertise in the field would be able to guide you over different types of dermal fillers and which one would suit you best as well as the cost.

Fillers in Dubai come in different thickness which is the actual medication and more the viscosity, better would be the results. Your immediate practitioner would determine if the medication is actually suitable without any side-effects.

  • During the treatment?

Treatment of fine lines and wrinkles over sensitive areas such as lips require application of anaesthetic cream at-least 20 minutes before administering the dose. It numbs the area to be treated thereby reduces pain when needle pierces through the skin. Different injection techniques are followed depending on the type of fillers and more than one are likely to be administered for each area.

  1. What’s the recovery period?
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Overall treatment lasts for 30 to 60 minutes whereas the recovery timeframe may vary from a few hours to days depending on the type of filler and area being treated. Routine activities however can be carried out immediately after the treatment.

  1. What’re the advantages?

Dermal fillers help boosting volume of the lips, smoothens wrinkles from the nose to the corners of the mouth and even treat crow’s feet. Viscous fillers may add volume to sunken cheeks and thinner chin as well as rejuvenate aged hands. Different filler medications may be combined to achieve better results but this isn’t for all patients; better let the medical expert decide on this.

  1. Are there any side-effects?

Patients find the treatment relatively painless except for a mild discomfort after administering the dose in sensitive areas such as nose or lips. In rare cases, slight bleeding, mild bruising, redness and swelling at the injection site may occur post-treatment that would last for two to three days. Just in case if a patient experiences prolonged redness, soreness, itching, bump or hardness, consult a doctor immediately.


The above things must be carefully considered when expecting treatment through dermal fillers in Dubai.