How to Create the Perfect Makeup Station

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and so are dainty vanities. Nevertheless, makeup stations that are both functional and chic can be a pretty costly affair, so if you don’t have cash to burn, you may want to try and go DIY with your vanity. Still, a perfect DIY vanity won’t materialize of its own accord: to put it together, you’ll have to invest a little forethought into setting up a makeup station that fits your needs, stylistic preferences, and budget. Sounds complicated? It isn’t all that difficult, really: all you need to do to create a suave vanity on a shoestring is follow the tips listed below.

Mirror, Mirror on the Vanity

You simply can’t have a chic vanity without a proper mirror. When selecting the mirror for your makeup station, you should bear in mind mirror types and dimensions that best suit your beauty routine habits. It would be ideal to place a classic wall-mounted mirror above the vanity and top it off with a tabletop version, preferably with enhanced magnifying panes and built-in lighting. A freestanding mirror can also do the trick if your budget and beauty routine requirements don’t exactly see eye to eye with a wall-mounted mirror.

Makeup Station Placement

makeup among tulips on desk

A perfect vanity placed in a shady corner of the room is as good as no vanity at all, which is why you should select the spot to place the makeup station with due care. As a general rule, the best spot to plop your vanity is a corner of the room that receives abundant sunlight at daytime.  For superior makeup application precision in the evenings, you can deck the makeup station with a good diy lighting. To dial up the illumination game, treat the wall to a light paint coat: it will help maximize use of natural light in the room and shed a perfect light on your beauty regimens.

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Ideal Makeup Station Setup

Perfect Makeup pallets on the desk

Girls who love to experiment with makeup will need a comfy chair and adequate vanity storage to keep their beauty essentials in place. Depending on the station’s height and personal makeup routine preferences, you can go with either a backless or standard chair. Still, it would be best to go with the seating made from easy-clean material: accidents starring hard-to-remove makeup happen even to professionals, let alone self-taught ladies. To hack beauty essential storage, you can get various containers and makeup organizers: that way, you’ll get to keep your beauty gear close at hand and safe from spillage.  

Clean up Your Makeup Act

The makeup station can get scruffy and covered in stains and fine powder with everyday use. To stay on the clean side of vanity upkeep, it would be ideal if you could wipe down the station and mirror after every use – or at least once or twice a week. Another trick you can try to stay on top of vanity cleanup game is to swap thick carpets with easy-to-clean floor rugs or to remove floor covers altogether. Ladies who have a habit of borrowing beauty tips from YouTube tutorials can get a tablet stand to make their makeup experiments easier while keeping electronics safe from accidents.

Wise Vanity Investments

Perfect Makeup brushes on the table

When it comes to the cost-to-value ratio, not every vanity component that has a steep price tag is truly worth it. As a DIY makeup station builder, you should invest your money wisely in items that offer superior quality and longevity to go with aesthetic value. Money spent on solidly-built desk, mirror, or chair will be an investment in long-term makeup station functionality, so you shouldn’t skimp on these elements even if your budget isn’t as generous as you’d like it to be. As for vanity storage, a chest of drawers will be the best option, but if you can’t afford it, you won’t go wrong if you opt for a less costly item such as a plastic organizer or side shelving.

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Ready to build the makeup station of your dreams? Follow the tips above and you’ll always be ready for an important business meeting or a hot date, at least as far as your face and hair are concerned. Kudos to all the makeup lovers out there! In addition, having a top-rated immersion blender can make the difference in stirring and mixing for cooking and for homemade makeup applications. Let us know your thoughts and comment below!