Learn How To Deal With Wrinkles Around Your Eyes

With the rise of body positivity in the last few years, women have come to embrace the nature’s way of showing their age. Obsession with physical appearance is slowly becoming less and less important, which is a turn for the better. Aside from the positive outlook on different body types, facial imperfections like acne and wrinkles around the eyes have become a perfectly normal, expected thing, not something to be feared or judged.

Forgetting about what others think of us, we ourselves dislike seeing bags around our eyes and wrinkles that accompany them, because they don’t accurately represent how we feel. How many times were you asked ‘you look tired, are you okay?’, even though you felt great that day? First impressions aside, dealing with tiny imperfections is the key to confidence, and showing how we truly feel. The first thing we see in the morning is our own reflection, and it feels much better to smile than frown at it.

How do we get wrinkles?

Knowledge is power. To know how to beat wrinkles and the dull grayness, you need to know what causes them. It may come as a surprise, but aging is not the only factor. Over time, skin will begin to lose collagen, resulting in less elasticity. This means that skin becomes less and less capable of stretching out to its former smooth self, leaving wrinkles in its wake.

  • Under-eye skin is different

The skin around your eyes is vastly different from that on the rest of your body. It is thinner, more sensitive and has little chance of rehydrating itself. Being almost perpetually dry, it will be ‘damaged’ more frequently with makeup or eye rubbing.

  • The sun

Hand in hand with the first point, the sun has the tendency to dry out our skin. Furthermore, the UV light emitted by the sun causes sun burns, and the flush in your face after longer exposure. Lastly – squinting. Walking around without glasses will cause you to squint and create even more creases!

  • Expressiveness
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This is hardly a thing any of us control. We are expressive, and a lot of our mannerisms and conversations rely on body language. To be able to smile, frown and grimace freely, to our heart’s content is all the more reason to work on caring for the skin.

  • Nutrition

What we eat affects both the inside and the outside of our body. The lesser the quality of the food, the less nutrients our skin receives.  So keep an eye out for food richer in antioxidants, as Mother Nature has already taken care of our little imperfections. All we have to do is follow her guidelines.

  • Aging

Aging is the main and most prominent factor when it comes to eye wrinkles. It is a natural occurrence that awaits all of us someday, and together with all previously mentioned factors, it is a recipe for the poor condition of our skin.

Taking all of these things into account, it seems like regardless of what we do, dark wrinkles are inevitable. But the war is far from lost. Keep on reading to find out what kind of solutions there are, and your spirits are bound to be lifted.

Face scrubs and creams

One of the easiest solutions is to use face scrubs and facial creams. Luckily, there are so many different products, both homemade and store-bought. The key is to find those that will suit your face perfectly, as we are all different, and the skin’s ph value varies from person to person. Applying them daily and/or nightly will begin to show results after just a few weeks.

Laser treatment

The solution provided by laser treatment ensures that, unlike with creams and scrubs, your face gets support from the inside. With short pulses of light that penetrate under your skin, the laser will treat the wrinkles bottom-up, and after the treatment, the body will continue working, replenishing collagen and elastin.

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The one thing eyelid surgery Sydney experts recommend is a procedure called blepharoplasty. As scary as it might sound, it is quite popular and requires less recovery time than some other procedures. It removes or tightens the skin around your eyes, rejuvenating it by getting rid of the droopiness that puts strain on your eyes.

Homemade remedies

Medical procedures can be an easy, quick fix, but it is up to you to continue the work, as wrinkles always have a chance of returning. There is no one-time solution, and like the rest of your body, your face requires regular care. To save yourself huge expenses, try a few pomades, creams, or treatments that you can easily do at home.

Eye massage

Yes, we mentioned that rubbing your eyes is one of the things that lead to wrinkles in the first place. But a careful eye massage with the right cream can do more good than harm. Use olive or coconut oil, or some aloe vera and apply it to the area around your eyes, or else the massage would stretch your skin and lead to more wrinkles due to dryness. Gently rub or tap the area around the eyes, including the upper eyelid, in slow, circular motions. Use your ring finger as it provides the right amount of pressure.

Sometimes, our anger at the bodily or facial imperfections is not necessarily the result of our skewed image of ourselves, or of the fear of what others might say. Most of the time, our dissatisfaction comes from the fact that we want to look our best for ourselves. And out of that want to look as good as we feel, we revert to all possible solutions. The most important thing to remember is to use whatever we have at our disposal: medical procedures, home remedies and small preventive tips and tricks that can combat skin problems for good.