Five Proven Benefits of Switching from Regular Makeup to Organic Makeup

Have you ever thought why organic make-up is becoming so popular these days? It’s because more and more people are become aware of the fact that our skin absorbs the make-up we use, the harmful long term side effects it might have on our skin. According to a well-respected skin care expert Lori Stryker, the skin has the ability to absorb partially or completely and then release it in to the blood stream.   Now that women are more aware of the ingredients and what they should be putting on their face, they have started opting for organic make-up. What are the benefits of switching from regular make-up to organic make-up? Well, let’s dive in and find out. This beauty junkie has all the answers and will make you a organic make-up convert in no time at all.

Organic Make-Up Is Good For The Skin And The Environment

Organic make-up consists of natural ingredients which are beneficial for the skin. This type of make-up is made up of wonderful herbs, nourishing oils, natural color essence and glittering minerals. It’s ideal for those who want to embrace nature and focus on living a healthy life style. Not only is it good for the person who is using it, it is also makes a difference to the environment as well.

No Preservatives

If a product is marketed as “all certified-organic ingredients” then it will not contain any harmful preservative that will be harmful to not only your skin, but also to your health. Make-up users have to keep in mind that whatever they are applying is seeping in to the bloodstream as well.

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No Endocrine Disruptors

These are man mad chemicals which either change or mimic human hormone production or the system which is carrying them. We have been happily lathering these endocrine disruptors on our skin every day without knowing the harmful side effects it causes. These disruptors are linked to mood swings, hormonal imbalance, cancer and fertility issues.  We can’t stress how important it is to know what is in your skin care and make up items. Always make sure to check the labels and be wary of anything containing the following ingredients Teflon, Gore-Tex, PFOS, PFOA, parabens or sodium lauryl sulfates.

Organic Make-Up Can Be Used During Pregnancy

How many of us are extra conscious of what we’re putting on our bodies when there is a bun in the oven? If it’s harmful for the baby, you know it’s harmful for you as well. A lot of women switch to organic make-up and skin care during their pregnancies because it’s safer and devoid of side effects.

Buzz Worthy Organic Make-Up

We at L’eclisse Cosmetics pride ourselves for being a 100% organic make-up and skin care brand. Our products can easily rival the best beauty brands out there. We’re also here to shed light on the achievements of other organic make-up brands such as TheBalm, The Body Shop and Sky Organics. These make-up brands are proving that beauty does not come at a price, it can be attained naturally as well.