Try These New Moisturizers That Are Exactly What Your Summer Skin Is Looking For

A moisturizer is one of the most essential parts of every skin care routine in the winters. But, as the summers draw near most of us, especially the ones with an oily skin starts dreading it. This often results in skipping moisturizer altogether, doesn’t it? Well, that’s definitely not a good idea. A good moisturizer is one of the best ways to keep your skin hydrated without overwhelming the pores. So, this summer, if you are getting ready to party hard in the Coachella Valley or spend your vacation on the white sand beaches, make sure take along with you one if these new moisturizers your skin for sure will love.

Age Defying Beauty Balm with SPF 30 from Andalou Naturals

There are days when you just don’t want to wear a sunscreen with a moisturizer, don’t you? But, what if we tell you, you don’t need to? All you need to do is grab Andalou Natural’s Age-defying beauty cream with SPF 30 and voila! It contains a blend of superfruits antioxidants and botanical-based nutrients to moisturize the skin along with 20% zinc oxide to protect your skin against the harmful UV rays.

Oil-control Mattifier SPF15 by Murad

Often moisturizers with an SPF have a heavy, creamy viscosity. But, this one – a non-comedogenic moisturizer is light and a lot more hydrating. Due to the presence of several antioxidants, including pomegranate known to boost the efficacy of sunscreen active, this matte finish base formula is excellent for oily to very oily skin.

Pixi H2O Skindrink

Pixi H2O may look like an unusual product that comes in a tube as a blueish tinged cool feeling gel. But, when applied, it feels just like water flooding the cells with moisture to alleviate skin-thirst and to maintain optimal hydration levels without suffocating or smothering the skin. Thus, it’s one of those products perfect for an oily skin that sinks in almost instantly without clogging pores.

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Lifecell Skin Care Cream

Lifecell all-in-one skin cream is the perfect blend of multiple moisturizers and foundations. So, not does it only promise to keep your skin hydrated, but retinol being one of its active ingredients can make your skin look significantly younger. Well, that sounds like killing two birds with one stone, doesn’t it? Try this one certainly to believe it!

Rêve de Miel Nourishing Face Cream Day

This luxurious cream packed with natural skin comforting ingredients is more than enough to please those who love supernatural products. After all, it contains precious oils such that of sunflower and argan to restore the lipids, soothe and repair the damage caused by external factors. Though being thick it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy, it gets absorbed quickly, which makes it a really good option for sensitive skin.

Perricone MD Re:Firm

Those with a dry skin, even during the summer season need a richer moisturizer. So, being one among them, you should look for a fast absorbing formula that won’t leave the skin feeling too heavy or greasy. Perricone MD Re:Firm, a peptide rich pressed serum is one such perfect product which can be used to hydrate your dry skin. It’s gelatinous consistency, in fact, makes it travel-friendly.

So, no matter what your skin type, do not forget to keep your skin hydrated with the product that suits your skin well. To do just that, are you aware of your skin type?

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