3 Essential Summer Style Tips

Finding your perfect summer look is all about comfort, creativity, and balance. From luxe silk kaftan dresses to breezy cotton tops and versatile accessories, there’s never been a better time to reinvent your individual style. With just a few helpful tips, discover the hottest new pieces for the best summer ever.

  • Live every day like you’re on vacation

If you’re like the majority of adults, you unfortunately still have things to do during the summer. But that doesn’t mean you can’t act a little bit more like you’re on summer break. One of the best trends of the season is bright, breezy, vacation-forward motifs, like vivid internationally inspired prints and color-driven accessories. Resort wear styles are even making their way into professional attire, with boho chic dresses, playful jewelry, and lace-up blouses making appearances in a variety of work spaces.

How to get the look: Low-grade versions of resort wear abound, so set yourself apart by opting for premium fabrics (think 100% silk or all-natural cotton) and styles from trusted designers (thus sparing yourself the shame of mismatched seams). Create your own unique look by layering classic neutrals and eye-catching patterns that pop.

  • The new art of summer layering

For those mourning the creativity and endless options of winter layering, look no further than this favorite new trend. Lightweight scarves, chic cover-ups, and even summer-ready cashmere blends are dominating the season’s hottest style statements. Layering up can also add a bit of versatility to your summer wardrobe. Gauzy blouses and tanks can split the difference between errand running and after-work cocktails with ease, while the right belt or jacket can help you seamlessly transition from casual to upscale in a heartbeat. Check out this gold buying guide as well for even more style tips!

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How to get the look: To achieve an effortlessly sophisticated segue from daytime to nighttime looks, introduce an unexpected splash of color or texture into your layering. And always keep a pashmina in the backseat of your car for emergencies.

  • Insist on comfort and style

No matter how old you are, summer is the perfect time to take a page from the playbook of your five-year-old self: if it’s not comfortable, you have no business wearing it. Luckily, the top trends of the season are all about bringing out your most relaxed and free-spirited self. Think contemporary takes on peasant blouses, sexy yet subtle maxi dresses, and cozy chic beach-ready ruanas.

How to get the look: As you gear up to refresh your summer wardrobe, try clothes on with your eyes closed before you evaluate them with your eyes open. And whatever your shape and personal style profile, seriously consider embracing this season’s elegant loose-fabric silhouette for a look that’s as liberating as it is stunning.

Author Bio: Christina Raines is a lifestyle and fashion consultant based in San Francisco, California. In addition to spotting the latest trends, she enjoys a good sparkling rosé, guilty pleasure reading on airplanes, and hiking with her two golden retrievers, Daisy and Titan.

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