Fashion Trend: Footwear Now and Then

Keeping up with the latest footwear trends is the key to staying fashionable with how big footwear plays in personal style. It’s fascinating how different every decade was in terms of popular shoes. Here are the trendiest footwear though the decades.

Footwear in 2010 decade

The current decade where people try to shine through with their individualities. Instead of following designer trends, people start to make more decisions for themselves by experiment what works for them. At the same time, they also unconsciously create their own trends.

In current fashions shows, more and more wedge heels are being displayed for women. This trend can be seen all year round in sandals for the summer and in boots and shoes for the colder months.

Flats are also rising in popularity, being acceptable and fashionable on both women and men. All kinds are being worn; from modern ballet flats to pointed toe versions.

Footwear in 2000 decade

This decade’s was inspired by the revival of mod and punk in clothing. Because of this, the trendy footwear in the decade mostly involved shoes and heels worn with ankle socks instead of the high socks which were popular in previous decades.

In 2002, the trend of high heel flip flops was born and proved to be popular though out the entire decade.

For both men and women, moccasins – more commonly known nowadays as boat shoes – came back into trend as casual footwear.

Footwear in 1990 decade

The 90s was when designers started to turn back the clock and get inspiration from past designs of shoes. Because of this, the platform sole regained its popularity for men while the stiletto came back for women.


In men’s footwear, the classic oxford shoes were also brought back but a modern twist was given to it by doing away with the outdated lace.

Boot also made a big comeback and went all out by setting a new trend: thigh-high boots. The hiking versions also became popular to be worn daily but were worn more for fashion purposed rather than its functionality.

This decade was a case of fashion repeating itself.

Footwear in 1980 decade

Neon colors were all the rage during the 80s and it definitely showed in their shoes. One would definitely recognize shoes from the 80s if he saw one. Even the business men of this time were known to wear colorful attires – including shoes. This was because people in powerful positions were usually young due to the flourishing economy. Students who were fresh from college landed big jobs easily. These people were called “yuppies” and they usually wore what was known as a “power suit”.

Also during this decade, fitness became really popular which is why a lot of people in the 80s could also be seen wearing high top sneakers.

Footwear in 1970 decade

Skirts went from long in the 1950s to shorter and shorter in the 1970s. As the hemline went higher, the heels went higher as well. In these super high heels, the toes became more round as well to resemble an almond’s shape.

It was also in this time that big shoes started become trendy; most especially platform heels which grew to attention-grabbing heights.

Casually, men and women wore clogs with wooden soles for comfortable walks and convenient wearing.

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Key Takeaway

With the current trend being the ability to set personal trends that other people will follow, it is useful to take cues from the trends of old. This list can help anyone to do just that.

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