Reason Why Funeral Flowers are Important

Funerals are always hard time for the family members who have suffered the great loss. In these hard times all a family could ask for is some support to help them move on with their life. Many times our families are overseas or in a different state or city and we are not able to visit them right after the incident has taken place. In such cases the best way to show our support and offer condolences is by sending them funeral flowers which show them that we there for them and will stand by them always. Funeral flowers not only show support but also the love that we have for the deceased. Funeral flowers also help in uplifting the moods of the members of the deceased family.

Funeral flowers have been an integral part of funerals since long before; they are a part of traditions which have never been comprised by families. These flowers are presented before the death to pay our home age to them.

How to Choose The Best Ones?

Choosing flowers for someone’s funeral has never been an easy job. These often carry emotions of the presenter hence representing your emotions in the form of flowers on someone’s death is one of the most difficult tasks to achieve. White carnations and lilies are best suited to give the feeling of warmth, mourning as well as remembrance. In many countries, even rarest varieties of black roses are used to offer condolences to the bereaved person.

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Flowers Based on Relationship With the Deceased

The most important thing to consider when purchasing funeral flowers is to consider the relation you have with the deceased. If you are a member of the immediate family you can send heart shaped caskets, arrange for flower arrangement for the funeral tables. You should know how much do caskets cost and flower arrangement cost to ensure that fits in your budget. If you are a part of the extended family standing sprays and decorations for the funeral are always consider an appropriate funeral flower arrangements. If you are colleague, friend or an acquaintance funeral flower bouquets, live plants, wreaths, basket arrangements are considered an appropriate gesture presented.

Funeral Flowers in hands of pallbearer

Beliefs of The Deceased

Funeral flowers also often vary for various religious groups. Hence considering the beliefs of the deceased is very important when purchasing.

  • Catholic or Protestant Christians – There is no specific style of funeral flower arrangement, which has to be brought, nor are there any restrictions on the color or type of flowers that one is offering.
  • Buddhists – Almost all type of arrangements are accepted there are no restrictions on color or styles.
  • Hinduism – The most preferred type of funeral flowers is in the form of garlands; although all arrangements and colors are accepted in the offering.

In case of many other religions of the world, some common varieties of colors and flower designer bouquets serve as the perfect funeral flowers.

Funeral Flowers That are Most Recommended When Offering Condolences

  • Lilies – This type of flower has always been associated with funerals as it represents innocence.
  • Roses – This type always shows the love that one has for someone hence it is an accepted flower in funerals as well.
  • Gladioli – This type of funeral flower shows moral integrity and strength of the deceased and has always been a traditional choice for funeral.
  • Carnations –These flowers always represent peace and pure love for the deceased.
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Funeral Flowers

Hence, there various funeral flowers, which can be sent to offer, are condolences and wishes to the family as well as our support and love for them. It is best if the flowers are sent along with a short handwritten note presenting our profound feelings.