Preventative Care for your Aging Skin

Those of us in our late 20s are probably just starting to notice that our skin doesn’t look quite look as radiant as it once did. It’s a little duller, a little drier, and spots and fine wrinkles are starting to show up. It’s enough to make someone staring 30 in the dark-circled eye crawl into a corner and cry (writers note: definitely not talking about myself … I’m crying now).

While there is no way to stop the aging process, there are a few ways we can minimize damage and slow down the process. Here are some prevention tips for your aging skin.


When it comes to aging skin, people tend to first think about and notice the face, which makes sense as it’s the first thing we see when looking in the mirror every day. We notice dark circles under our eyes, fine lines on our foreheads, and the beginnings of crow’s feet and laugh lines. So, as it’s the first thing we notice, it’s the first thing we want to start working on — and as the most sensitive skin on the body, it’s a good place to start.

The first thing you should do is start amiro rf facial device and limiting your time in the sun. While some time in the sun is good for you, too much is going to do irreversible and unnecessary damage to your skin. When you do go out, make sure to wear sunscreen. If you don’t want to worry about putting on sunscreen eve ry time you leave the house, you could opt for a facial lotion that already has SPF in it, eliminating the need to buy a bottle of sunscreen in addition to your normal facial moisturizer.

Speaking of facial moisturizer, if you aren’t already using some, start getting into the habit! Dry skin exacerbates the aging process, so applying a moisturizer is going to be very beneficial to keeping your skin soft and vibrant.

If you want to use specialist skin care that will be able to reverse the process, you should opt for clinically tested anti aging products. Make sure that you are trusting anti aging products that are dermatologically proven. You can also read the reviews and ratings of the skin care products before purchasing them.

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Our hands get put through a lot of abuse every day. We use them when working, playing, cooking, and so much more. They can get very worn and dry fast, and all that wear and tear is bound to make them age faster than they need to. Not many people think of this, but the hands are the second area where aged skin is most noticeable, right after the face.

There are some ways you can minimize damage and help your hands look and feel better. One thing you should start doing, if you don’t already, is using gloves when washing dishes. While some dish soaps boast that they leave hands feeling moisturized, that’s a near impossibility if that soap is actually doing it’s intended job; dish soaps are made to strip oils and other food remnants from dishes, and it’s doing that same rough oil-stripping to your hands. Add in the hot water, and it’s a recipe for nightly skin damage. Wearing gloves while washing dishes is going to save our hands from a lot of grief. (advair diskus)

Also, make sure you are always moisturizing with a good lotion or hand oil! We tend to wash our hands several times a day, and each time we are stripping them of natural oils and drying them out. Always keep a good hand lotion on you to use after each time you wash your hands, and you will keep them looking younger longer.


Nice smooth legs are another sign of youth and another area that is going to show your age for better or worse. There are several things that can destroy the condition of your legs, and knowing how to best prevent the damage is the only way to preserve their appearance as long as possible. Because there are certain types of damage that are not only unsightly, but also dangerous to your health.

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One type of damage you want to do your best to prevent is that of varicose veins. These are veins that stick out on legs and are blue or purple in color. Often they can be painful, as they distort natural blood flow in your legs. While usually just painful and unsightly, varicose can worsen and can cause serious medical problems such as ulcers on the skin and blood clots.

While some people are just more susceptible to varicose veins, anyone can develop them if they don’t take care of their body. There are a few steps you can take to help prevent varicose veins. One important step is to stay active. Many of us have jobs that have us sitting at desks all day long, and we don’t take the time to get up and move around. All that sitting leads to decreased and constricted blood flow and causes blood to pool in legs, which is one of the major causes of varicose veins and blood clots.

So make sure to get up and walk around for bit every hour, and try to get in more exercise every day. Also, be sure to eat well, as an unhealthy diet can also be a factor in causing varicose veins. Eat foods that are healthy and low in sodium and sugars, as those can cause high blood pressure, leading to extra strain on your veins.

While we can’t stop the aging process, we can do our best to slow it down and live a healthy life. In addition to all these tips to keep skin healthy, make it a point to drink plenty of water every day. Water is your best internal defence for dry and aging skin, and keeping yourself hydrated is going to keep your skin hydrated too!

Have any more tips for keeping your skin youthful? Let us know in the comments below!