How to Improve Female Body Image Immediately

It has been a stigma in society for quite some time that women may tend to struggle with their body image more profoundly than men. While society develops over the years, we may find that to be less and less the case; however, improvement of the female body image is an important topic, and I believe there are some tips that can really help improve how each woman sees her body and feels about it. Let’s begin.

  1. Focus on the mirror more and less on the scale

Women can have a tendency to focus on how much they weigh as an overall indicator of their general health and their general fitness. However, since we know that muscle weighs more than fat and also that body weight fluctuates greatly with water intake and carbohydrate levels, it is more important to use the mirror as a gauge.

Sure, over-time we tend to look the same to ourselves in the mirror and also less appealing to ourselves in the mirror; but if we use it as a weekly spot check, we can find our weaknesses, accept them quicker, and easily hone in to work on them and improve our body image.

2. Be the best you as possible

Everyone wants to look either like the skinny model in the magazine or maybe the muscle model fitness chick instead. Typically, we see ourselves as lacking in comparison to these individuals and less worthy to be loved and accepted.

However, we have to come to the acceptance that we were each made uniquely and individually to fulfill a purpose and to be shaped a certain way. You may never look ultra-shredded and funky-fit like that fitness model, but if you focus on only your self-improvement, you can be the best version of you as possible. It’s only you versus you.

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3. Start eating healthy foods and getting sleep

It is true that all the exercise in the world will not keep you in optimal fit health. Instead, a healthy diet and a regular sleep pattern must play a large role in balancing the metabolism and all the associated hormones that the body produces. While intense exercise and weight training are important keys to a higher self-accepting bodily image, they mean very little without the proper diet and the proper amount of rest.

Eat good foods, educate yourself on vegetables and fruits, and begin to put fuel into your body that you can be proud about. Eating better, losing unnecessary weight, and being prouder of how you eat can drastically improve your amount of self-worth.

In the same manner, get adequate rest and do not work out if you are exhausted. Carrying large amount of stress around will not only make you less appealing and less pleasant to those you come in contact with, but it will also slowly degrade your body, your skin, your hormones, and your health overall. It is difficult to love yourself if you dread waking up in the morning!

4. Go against mother nature when all else fails

Finally, if body image is just something you have worked at to monitor, accept yourself, eat right, compare yourself only to you, and get proper sleep and is still something you cannot obtain: external modification may be a tentative option.

Sure it is scary to think about going under the knife, but you could possiblychoose breast augmentation for an option when mother nature is not enough. Keep in mind that there are risks associated with surgery and nothing will ever be perfect; but if you are struggling very much with poor bodily image, do not necessarily let someone else discount it and talk you out of it. Do you research and think hard and finally make a good decision in regards to having cosmetic surgery.

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There will always be times where it is difficult for females to accept their bodily image, but if the above tips can be followed, it can be improve almost immediately.

Have other suggestions or ideas? Comment below to get the conversation started and let’s hear your thoughts! 🙂

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