Smoking and Blindness: What is the real connection?

Smoking is one of the leading causes of health hazards worldwide. Smoking gives you heart disease, lung cancer, and many other terrible sicknesses. Smoking kills you and the people around you. Smoking even kills the infants of pregnant mothers or causes them to develop psychosis. Smoking can also make you unable to read this a few years from now unless you learn to read Braille. Smoking actually causes your vision to become weak and eventually go away. Smoking will make you blind in a few years, blinder than old people who never smoked. Here is how smoking messes with your eyes and how to stop the culprit.

What Smoking Does to Your Eyes

Some people who get old get macular degeneration. It results in severe and irreversible loss of vision. So why quit smoking if you will get this problem anyway? You must quit smoking because tobacco smoke makes you develop macular degeneration a lot earlier. Smoking is the top cause of rapid and extreme macular degeneration. Most smokers get macular degeneration 10 years earlier. Smoking helps create damage to the retina. Smoking can take away 10 years of your life of seeing everything. The macular degeneration of smokers is around four times worse than the macular degeneration of people who never smoked.

How Smoking Can Make You Blind

Because smoking speeds up the aging of your eyeballs and makes their damage a lot worse than they should be, smoking gets you well on your way to blindness. Research shows that more than 17,800 people above 69-years-old in Europe are blind because of smoking. Worse, smoking also makes your eyeballs a lot less responsive to the medical operations that can remove the blindness of people with macular degeneration. Macular degeneration cannot be reversed by natural ways, not even by quitting smoking once you’re blind. The eyes are your top sense as a human. You won’t let them go because of a little tobacco cigarette, won’t you?

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Quit Through E-cigarettes

The best thing to do is never to smoke at all. Never start smoking. If you are already smoking, quit as soon as possible. If you already have vision loss, quitting will still help because doctors have shown that people with macular degeneration who quit smoking responded well to medical treatments that fixed their vision. The fastest way to being tobacco-free is by switching to e-cigarettes. Using e-cigarettes is also smoking because you inhale the steam from the tobacco vape juice, but e-cigarettes do not give you all the toxins that cause early and rapid macular degeneration.

Eat Healthy

Having a healthy diet is another way to quit smoking. Chewing gums help smokers quit by giving their mouths something to do during their cravings. Foods should do the same. Nutritious foods give the added benefit of speeding up your recovery from smoking by making you healthy. You can eat bright colored vegetables and fruits like peppers, squashes, mangoes, carrots, and bananas. Bright colored, natural foods contain lots of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is one of the building blocks of the eyes. Vitamin A is good for the eyes, strengthening your vision and keeping you safe from problems in the eyeballs.

Study a Musical Instrument

Most people learn to appreciate something only after it goes away. Do not be one of these people and cherish your vision by learning to play a new musical instrument. Yes, Stevie Wonder was blind and didn’t need his vision to make music. But do you want to study a musical instrument without seeing it? Learning to play a new musical instrument is also one of the ways to quit smoking. You will be both cherishing your vision and saving it when you learn to play the guitar, the flute, or another musical instrument.

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Tobacco smoke isn’t just irritating, it is also murderous for all of us. It’s time to quit smoking. Exercise also helps in quitting smoking. Jog around your house every Saturday, or go for a swim. You can also take up a sport like surfing. Surfing will make your body strong, and training for surfing can take your mind away from smoking. You will be admiring the beauty of the ocean and the beaches instead of losing your vision to tobacco.