Bridal Trends For 2018

Bridal trends for 2017 were all about being daring. The all lace gown that was almost completely sheer made the top of the list. More brides were wearing capes and jackets, and venues were a combination of traditional and off the wall like those held in the best Adelaide Hills wineries. Wedding gowns were being ordered in non-traditional colors like black, champagne, and gray.

In 2018, we are beginning to see a curve. Brides are leaning more toward the traditional white gown, with all the traditional accessories.

It is all about the trains

We will still see brides wearing bridal capes and bridesmaids with wraps and shawls; you will notice the bridal train will lead the way in accessories.  

Longer trains are ultra chic

Bridal trains come in a variety of lengths. This allows the bride getting married in a cathedral or the bride getting married in a vineyard or barn to have the options of a train without fear of snagging or causing a fall.

  • Sweep Train
    • This train barely sweeps the floor, extending 10”-12” behind the gown..
  • Court Train
    • The court train begins about three feet past the waist. It is a little longer than the sweep train but still, requires no assistance.
  • The Chapel Train
    • The chapel train normally begins at the waist and it trails about 5 feet from the hem of the wedding gown. This sometimes requires the assistance of a bridesmaid to arrange the train as the bride begins her march.
  • The Cathedral Train
    • This is the longer train that you often see in church weddings. The train begins at the waist and it trails about seven feet from the gown. A bridesmaid will be needed to keep the train straight and keep it from getting snagged on something as the bride makes her way down the aisle.
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Bridal Veil

The traditional bridal veil is returning. The veil may extend from the crown of the hair, down the brides back, or it may have the traditional face coverage which is folded back by the groom for the first kiss.  

Crystals and pearls

Brides and bridesmaids will opt for the traditional string of pearls around the neck and pearls and crystals will be used to accent the bridal gown.


In the past few years, very large, fully bloomed flowers have made a statement. The arrangements were so large; they were often used as table centerpieces at the reception. In 2018, look for more traditional arrangements. Roses will make a big comeback in red or white with a lot of ribbons and lace supporting them.

Bridesmaids will carry single roses with flowing ribbons.

Bridesmaids dresses and colors

The colors you will be seeing are pastels, ice blue, steel blue, very soft blues that are elegant and not quite baby blue.

Dresses will feature lots of cascading layers and ruffles. Cap sleeves, sheer wraps, and lots of tulle will adorn the bridesmaid. This is not the year for sleeveless or plunging backs.