Dance Costume Trends For 2018 By Just For Kix

Just For Kix is an industry leader in costumes, practice apparel, and other dance supplies. So, it is a safe bet that they are among the first to zero in on annual dance costume trends. We will share some of this knowledge with you.

Being prepared

Before we address what the dance costumes will look like for this year’s performances, let us remind you of a few things. Jazz, Hip-Hop, Folk Dance, and Ballet are all major forms of dance. They all require a lot of stamina and practice. As the new year begins, be sure your dance bag is ready.

The dance team you are on should have custom made tee shirts to help identify the group. This goes a long way when a dancer is spotted and approached about a particular opportunity. You can have really nice tee-shirts made at The Tee HIve. Grabbing the attention of one producer makes it a worthy investment.

Take time to go through your dance bag. Be sure you have tights and a leotard that fits and is in good repair. Check your shoes. Replace items you have used and be ready for the new dance year.

Trending fashion

  • Soft and romantic
    • A very soft and gently look is the look of the year. White, soft pink, lavender, and gentle accessories are the look you will see on stage. Performers will be more about talent and less about a “show”.
  • Mesh
    • Mesh is a look that gives the illusion of coverage without actually covering the body. It adds texture and allows for a sexy look without being too bold. Mesh, fishnet and other illusional materials make the costume stand out.
  • Cold shoulder
    • A high color, long sleeves with a cut out on each shoulder is a hot look. The dancer has complete coverage with a playful peek-a-boo look. This look is hot in the fashion world this year, and it has crossed over to the fashion of dance.
  • Open front skirts
    • An open front skirt is a hot look, and the skirt that flutters over the backside of the dancer adds to the sexiness of the look. The front of the outfit is completely covering. Necklines are covered with mesh pullovers and the form is complimenting to the body of the dancer, without showing skin.
  • Less glitz
    • You will see dancers in beautiful colors that do not need to be enhanced. There will be more fabric and less glitter, sequins, and bead-work.
    • Colors will be rich and deep. Royal blue, deep rose, metal gray, and black will grace the stage. They will be accented with ribbons, belts, and hair accessories. But the glitter of sequins will be of lesser importance, in most performances.
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It is going to be an exciting year in the world of dance. Keep your eyes and ears open for some exciting shows in 2018. The dancers are already getting ready and the costumes are designed. We can hardly wait to see what is coming our way.Head over to Blossom Costumes to find out more about online costumes.