A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Wedding dress shopping is one of the most stressful activities any bride will go through, especially when she has something in particular in mind. A Maggie Sottero design might catch her eye, but maybe a dress by Mori Lee has that extra something or is more affordable. With all the stress that goes into buying a dress which will be worn for less than 24 hours in its entire existence, the best way to commemorate its presence is to take as many photos in it as possible. These photos should show the dress from the best angles possible.

Most photos are taken from the front, with the focus being on the face and hair details. Because of this, intricate design at the back of the dress can be easily overlooked. If your dress has ruffles, a sexy dip in the back, or a column of pearl buttons, you can show this off by standing by the window. Face outwards to have those details captured.

The first time you get emotional over your wedding dress is when you put it on in the bridal shop. The second time is when your mother or someone close to you help you put it on the big day. Having a photo that captures such a moment is always a win and will be a perfect reminder year down the line.

Take your face off-focus for a moment and let the dress enjoy the limelight. Why not have a photo taken from the bust downwards? You could hold the bouquet or have your hands daintily laid by your side. This is considered a classic shot as viewers can take in the dress in all of its glory. Another alternative is to have a photo of the dress on a hanger. It could be on its own or accompanied by the shoes you will wear.

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Do not leave the veil out of the action. If yours has a lace edge, enhance the romanticism and elegance it brings by zooming into it. You’ll be glad you did. You can also have pictures of the veil being placed on your head, or being lifted off your face by the man of the hour.

A wide skirt like that on the Pronovias’ Divina design is perfect for an outdoors photo. Take the shot while you’re seated on the grass, with the dress piled up around you. Place your bridesmaids’ bouquets around the edge while you hold yours and have a shot taken from an aerial view. Have it edited in black-and-white to really bring out the dress, and the pure emotion on your face.

Everyone will have seen the dress while it’s still and barely moving, but what better way to enhance its design than on the dance floor? While you’re dancing with your husband, take the opportunity to let the dress billow around him or flow around his legs, and be prepared to be in awe of the moment captured. If you have changed into another dress by that time, have a few taken while you’re backing away, facing the camera. It’s another classic shot for keeps.

There’s something about a bride alone in the church, in her wedding dress. The contrast of the dress with the church’s somber candle-lit interior makes for an emotional and captivating photo. If you’ll be getting married in a church, and if you have the time (and energy) at the end of the ceremony, stand by the altar or by the doors and have your photo taken. The purity that will seem to exude from inside the church will be beyond words.

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Whatever your preference, ensure you speak to your photographer for the day and come up with ideas for intricate shots. It’ll be worth it in the end.