Restore your favorite fur coat

We understand the importance of your fur items. You have spent a huge sum on it and it is always going to remain a priced possession for you. Even a minor damage to the item can cause trouble. If you have a fur coat and it has gone through wear and tear over time, do not panic. You do not need to buy a new coat, we will help you restore the same in no time and it will look as good as new.

With many years of experience, the staff has the necessary expertise to handle your fur coats and will have it in mind condition for many years to come. They offer repairs and fur coat restoration at a budget friendly rate. You will not have to purchase a new coat if your coat is damaged, any damage in the same can be dealt with and the fur coat will be restored to its finest condition. The staff has been taught to inspect and service furs by professional and experienced furriers from across the world. They strive for customer satisfaction and allow the clients to make the most informed decision when purchasing high end items.

Complete services for restoration and restyling

Known for the prompt customer service and quick delivery, they offer restoration services at an appropriate rate and will ensure that every client is happy with the condition their fur coat is delivered in. Nothing adds to your personality like a high quality fur coat but it should always be maintained in the best condition. It is advisable to not rush to a departmental store or a laundry shop for the repairs, only professional furriers who have knowledge about the quality of the fur and different ways of handling it will be able to help you with the same. You might end up spending thousands of dollars at the wrong place and have your coat in the same condition. Instead, choose professional experts who deliver immediately and are known for high quality service.

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With the changing trends in the fashion industry, it has important to ensure that your fur coat does not look outdated and can be paired with your favorite outfit. It is possible to restyle your old fur with an added bonus of customization. You can easily convert your old fur coat into a brand new one and wear it with style and grace. You can choose to change the color and texture of the fur through a process called shearing. It will make the old fur feel like soft velvet and will remove the extra bulk. This will immediately transform your coat into something new. Whether you have recently bought a fur coat or have a vintage coat lying in your cupboard, make the most of it with a quick restoration of the same. Style it with your favorite pair of boots and you are ready to rock the party. Fur coats never go out of style, a little restyling and customization will make it look as good as a brand new coat.