3 Ways To Maintain A Gorgeous Locks

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Every woman wants to have her version of perfect hair. If you’re like most women, your desired hair is thick, well textured, and shiny. Although most people aren’t born with this perfect hair, you can make the best of what you have, thanks to these suggestions from http://www.seagerhairtransplant.com/blog/hair-restoration/pioneers-in-toronto/. They’ll help you keep your hair healthy and in great shape.

1) Get Your Health Issues Tested and Treated.

Most hair issues stem from hormones and other health-related problems. If you’ve been experiencing symptoms of estrogen imbalances or thyroid issues, it’s time to have a simple blood test done. This test can tell you exactly what’s wrong with your body. For example, the signs of excess estrogen include weight gain and hair loss. Thyroid problems, usually from a slowing down of the thyroid gland, are very similar. Other health woes that can cause hair loss including excess testosterone (yes, in women) and insulin and blood sugar issues. Thankfully, these health problems are easily treated with medication, which can restore your hair, once they take effect. However, without a blood test, you have no way of knowing exactly what the issue is. Many of these imbalances can have a major impact on your health, so get to a doctor as soon as you suspect something is wrong.

2) Take A Multivitamin Daily

Although the medical establishment is still torn on the effectiveness of multivitamins, they don’t come right out and state that these vitamins don’t work at all. In fact, many will say that they have no proof of their effectiveness, but that it can’t hurt to take them. With that said, if you’re experiencing thinning hair, you need to take a vitamin that can counteract the problem. Vitamin E has been known to protect your hair, preventing damage from occurring. Vitamin C and Zinc restore your cells – even the ones that make hair – from the inside out, while Vitamin A encourages hair growth. B Vitamins can make your hair thicker and shinier. This is why a biotin supplement is such a great idea. Bottom line, if you’re worried that you aren’t getting enough nutrients through your diet and want to protect your hair, then you need to take your daily vitamins.

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3) Eat A Healthy Diet

A recommended diet, one that’s full of vegetables and lean protein, can help your hair growth, as well as your overall health. By following the new food plate (instead of the old food pyramid), you’ll receive enough vital nutrients to improve your health. As you lose weight and become healthier, your hair will rebound. The impact will be drastic, and you’ll definitely notice the changes. Even better, if you eat a healthy diet and take vitamins as recommended above, you’ll be in great shape. The healthier you are overall, the closer you’ll get to having your ideal hair.

While there are three important things that you can do in order to make your hair healthier, in some cases, hair loss is too much to overcome through diet and medications alone. This is where Most hair issues stem from hormones and other health-related problems. You never know where http://www.seagerhairtransplant.com/blog/hair-restoration/pioneers-in-toronto/ comes in.