Top Reasons To Use Real Fur Rather Than Faux Fur

If you have been thinking of getting yourself a nice fur coat but are unsure whether to commit to a real or faux one, you should know that there are big advantages to having natural fur coats. And in this post, we list out five top reasons why wearing a real fur coat is a good idea.

1. Superior Warmth 

The biggest benefit of a fur coat is its superior warmth. Provided that you get a top quality natural fur, no other faux fur can match the level of warmth that a fur coat offers. Natural fur has the ability to retain body heat in a more optimal way than faux fur. As such, no matter how cold the climate is, you can be sure of always being warm inside the natural fur coat.

2. Lasts For A Long Time 

When you compare the longevity of natural fur and faux fur, you might think that faux furs have a longer lifespan. This is not practically true. Faux fur will remain for centuries longer than the real one, but it will be of less use much faster. A real fur coat can be handed down generation after generation mostly because the coat retains its superior heat retention and other qualities. In comparison, the faux fur loses its warming abilities pretty quickly and you will have to replace them faster. However, in case any of these furs become unusable, consider a fur coat restyling rather than throwing them out.

3. Biodegradable 

As explained above, faux fur coats will last for several centuries. This is a major problem. They essentially become non-biodegradable waste that will pollute the land. Even if the furs break down, the plastic particles of the coat will continue to remain as a pollutant for a long time. In contrast, a real fur coat is naturally biodegradable. As such, it does not pollute the earth. And though both contain chemicals in them, the chemicals in the faux fur will definitely be more problematic since they are of a much stronger class than those used in real furs.

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4. Renewable  

Faux furs are largely made from non-renewable resources like petroleum products. This will result in large-scale pollution that will make the environment much tougher to live in. Real furs are made from hairs and skins of animals that can be grown and do not pollute the environment. As such, being a renewable resource, it definitely makes sense to buy real fur rather than faux furs.

5. Health  

Faux furs use a large number of chemicals during its production that includes things like Teflon, formaldehyde, and so on. When your skin is constantly in touch with these chemicals, there is a good chance of developing health problems like cancer, dermatitis, infertility etc. Why take such health risks by opting for synthetic furs? Always make sure that you only buy natural furs and you will never have to live with such health concerns every time you wear the coat.