O. J. Simpson Submariner

J. Simpson is a former professional football player which became very famous not for the way he played the game, but because of the lengthy trial in which he was accused of killing his wife. He was actually a good football player and he still holds the record for the only player that rushed more than 2,000 yards in a 14-game season; the fact that the season was changed to 16 games may have helped him keep this record. He was also elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame back in ’85.

The trial found O. J. innocent in 1995 after a very long and much publicized period which brought the football star in a bad light. In 1997, civil court fined him for $33.5 million for the wrongful deaths of the two victims he was initially accused of killing. In 2007, he was arrested and he is currently in prison and has a punishment of 33 years in Lovelock Correctional Center.

This picture shows O. J. Simpson wearing a golden Rolex Submariner. What most people didn’t know is that this superb watch is actually a replica. He was initially forced to give the watch to Fred Goldman’s attorneys when it was believed that this Rolex was worth $22,000. After a jeweler found out that this was just a $100 replica, the watch was returned to him; Simpson told his lawyer that he paid $125 for the watch. It is interesting to see how a great star like O. J. Simpson who was worth millions at one point, now has a replica on his wrist.

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Although there were offers to buy the watch for $10,000 just because it was Simpson’s, he wasn’t obligated to give it to the lawyers because its real market value was small. Most of the 33.5 million dollars remain unpaid and with O. J. behind bars, it looks like he won’t be able to get any luxury watches for at least the next 6 years.