4 Ways to Personalize Your Party on a Small Budget

Planning a bachelorette party, wedding, shower or birthday party but want to stay on budget? Personalizing your special event doesn’t have to break the bank. Get creative with these simple ways to make your party memorable while staying on budget.


The best way to save money, as well as adding a personal touch to any party, is to hand make goods rather than buying custom made. Make your own personalized t-shirts by applying iron-on transfers on blank tees. Instead of getting custom printed cups, bottles and gift bags, bulk order affordable custom labels that you can apply to anything so the entire party stays on theme. Bake your own sweets to truly give it that intimate cozy feel. Tap into your creative side to make something special to personalize your event and save money at the same time.

Affordable Custom Goods

Maybe you want to DIY but don’t want things to look too sloppy and amateurish. Some custom ordered goods are inexpensive and can add the perfect finishing touch to make your party special. Instead of cheap name tag labels, get custom badges with your party’s logo or theme colors and write in each guest’s name. These are great conversation starters and make for fun souvenirs your guests can take home. Get custom temporary tattoos to use as photo booth props and give away as party favors.


Location can be an expensive component for any party planner. Think about having your party at low peak days and times, such as morning brunch rather than dinner, Thursday evening rather than Saturday night. This simple change can save you lots of money to help you stay on budget and spend some dollars towards some other fun and creative activities for your event.

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Go Digital

Send digital invitations and RSVPs rather than traditional printed goods. Set up your iPhone or digital camera for a makeshift photobooth rather than renting the real thing. Send online Thank You’s along with digital photos. There are many apps that can help you go digital with all aspects of planning your party that will save you time and money so you can concentrate on having a good time.

Making your party special while staying within your budget is not as hard as you think. Get creative, think outside the box, and you’ll wonder why so many people think that hosting big events is so stressful and expensive!