Planning a Romantic Wedding Proposal on Christmas Day

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Christmas is a time of giving, and with everyone in a festive mood, it is hardly surprising that many couples choose this time to officially announce their engagement. If you are worried that the Xmas festivities might take the edge off your marriage proposal, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are some novel and unique ways to pop the question during the Christmas festivities. Here are just a few ways you can propose to your fiancée with a distinctive Xmas feel.

Create a Special Advent Calendar

Advent calendars have always been a great way to build up the excitement as Christmas Day nears and by creating your very own advent calendar, you can place the diamond ring in the Christmas Day box and when she opens it, she will get a lovely surprise. If you have yet to buy the engagement ring, check out the custom engagement rings NZ women would love to flaunt, with unique designs at affordable prices.

Christmas Tree Decorations

Once you have found the ideal diamond engagement ring, why not hide it in a Christmas tree bauble? Then, as you both decorate the tree, you can suddenly (without warning) open the ball to reveal the diamond ring! Make sure you mark the decoration that contains the ring as it would be a shame to pick the wrong one at the critical moment.

The Carol Singer Proposal

Planning a Romantic Wedding Proposal on Christmas Day guitar

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If you have a good voice, why not use singing traditional Xmas carols as the time to ask for her hand in marriage? You and a few friends can get together and after a few hot toddies, arrive on her doorstep and bingo! Make sure you compose a song that allows you to say the magic words and this will likely be the nicest Xmas surprise she’s ever had. There are a few more Christmas proposal ideas that you can check out online which might prove inspirational.

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The Christmas Cracker Proposal

Guaranteed to leave her speechless and easy to organise – simply pick one cracker and carefully dissect it, placing the ring box inside. Mark the cracker so you know which one contains the ring and when you are ready ask her to pull a Christmas cracker with you. This would work first thing in the morning or right after the Christmas dinner, whichever you feel is more appropriate.

The Christmas Pudding Proposal

This one is guaranteed to be a huge hit, although some degree of preparation is needed to ensure that she actually gets the slice with the ring inside and you just have to hope she doesn’t swallow the ring!

The Gift Box Proposal

This one takes some preparation – you will need at least 5 boxes of different sizes and the ring will be in the smallest. Layer upon layer of Xmas gift wrapping ensures a high level of excitement, and once she realises what you are doing, it will be the best Xmas gift she’s ever had!

Planning a Romantic Wedding Proposal on Christmas Day kissing
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Whatever proposal you choose, make sure the ring actually fits and this will be a Christmas that you’ll both remember forever.