Getting To Prom Without Renting A Limo

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Going to your prom can be expensive, and the cost that the average family spend on one child attending their prom is increasing.

According to an article on Time, the average price of prom night for an American family in 2015 was $919.00, a couple of years earlier this cost peaked at $1,139.00! Any way that you can save some money so that you can still have that perfect prom dress is an excellent idea, and below are some of the ways that you can save money on your transport to your prom night.

Make A Casual Entrance

If you are not the type of person that cares not for what others think of them and you live close enough, you can always walk to your prom night and save on the expense of travel altogether. You may be able to put more towards your dress if you do so, and Peaches Boutique in Chicago has the dress of your dreams at a reasonable price.

Still Arriving In Style

Getting To Prom Without Renting A Limo
Image Source: Unsplash

You may want to have a word with your friends and see if their parents own a fancy car with which they could drop you off at the prom. Although you have to travel with a parent, you will still be arriving in an expensive car and looking the part, minus the expense. Make sure that you offer to pay for any fuel used, and you may be lucky enough to get yourself a cheap but stylish ride to your prom. If none of your friend’s parents owns a fancy and expensive car, you will have to come up with another idea.

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Rent A Car

You can always rent a car to take to your prom which could still work out to be cheaper than renting a limo. If you search, there will be a myriad of car rental companies that will offer all manner of cars, including sports cars and imported cars. You can shop around all the local companies to you and see what prices are on offer. If you are driving to prom yourself, remember to plan your route and make allowances for traffic to ensure that you are not late for your big night.

Take The Party Bus

Getting To Prom Without Renting A LimoImage Source: Pixabay

A lot of schools will also have the option of a party bus to take you to your school prom. If this is not something that your school arranges, then you can always get together a large group of friends and pay for the bus between you. The good thing about this method of transport is that the emphasis is on fun, and not about how much money you spend. You can travel with all of your friends and their dates and enjoy this time together. If you get a bus that holds 50 people, the cost will be relatively cheap between you and get to arrive at your prom at the same time as all of your favourite people and enjoy the event together, as well as having a good laugh.