What Is the Role of An Optometrist and Why Should You Visit Him?

Are you having a problem in your eyes? If you find it difficult to read the billboard and banners over the lanes, you got to see an optometrist. An optometrist is a professional who carries out complete diagnosis of the eyes, checks the depth of vision, your focus ability and the color perception. If there is any problem in any of the aspects of vision, the optometrist prescribes suitable remedy.

When you visit an optometrist, he will fix several lenses in front of you and then ask to read certain letters. This way he checks vision of the person. He also carries out eye screening test to find whether you suffer from far sightedness or near sightedness. After diagnosing the problem, the eye care professional recommends the right pair of eye glasses as per your condition.

Who Should Visit an Optometrist?

If you are a teenage or above 18 years then you should visit a optometrist once or twice in a year to ensure that you have a good eyesight. If you have small children who go to school then you need to take them with you to an optometrist clinic because in small age eye can be damaged as 80% of the information presented in the school in visual manner. IF you already wear eyeglasses then you need visit an optometrist once in a year.

Important Facts on Optometrist

  • An optometrist is highly trained eye doctor who prescribes medical treatments if there is any problem in the eye. It takes nearly 4 years for the optometrist to complete undergraduate course. Then he completes academic work while also taking clinical training at the same time. He then attends accredited optometry school for obtaining a degree in optometry.
  • Optometry has evolved immensely from the primitive days when only glasses were worn. It was only after the 1970s that optometrist began to involve medical privilege. An optometrist may now also attain advanced training in the field. An optometrist can attain specialization in the field like he may concern with lower vision care, vision therapy, geriatric care and deal with contact lenses or simply carry out researches.
  • One has to complete formal training to attain license. To make sure the license is renewed, continuous training is needed. There are various sorts of eye doctors but most of them offer eye examination and prescribe glasses and contact lenses. He may also diagnose any of the eye conditions.
  • The entire field of optometry involves the cure and treatment for eye diseases and surgical procedures. Indeed, he plays much larger role when it comes to the overall health of the patient. A complete examination of the problem in the eyes can help in the diagnosis of hypertension and diabetes. He may get rid of any foreign particle that accidentally moved inside the eyes.
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An Optometrist Checks the Vision Thoroughly

The Role of An Optometrist

What Is the Role of An Optometrist and Why Should You Visit Him?

An optometrist offers eye examinations to the patient. Through such examinations, the eye specialist diagnoses eye conditions, the problems you are facing in the eyes and prescribes suitable medical treatments. As per the condition, you may be recommended glasses or lenses.


After reading this article you must have understood the importance of visiting an optometrist for examinations of your eyes and even if you don’t have problem in the eyes, you should take eye tests to maintain the health of the eyes. If the vision problem is detected at the earliest, it won’t give you trouble in the later stage. There will be more chance of vision rectification without much hassle.