Key Differences Between An Optometrist And An Optician

Your eyesight depends on consulting the right eye specialist at the right time. When it comes to the matter about ‘getting your eyes a checked’ always make sure that you consult an optometrist and the task should be done within the right interval. Our eyes play a pivotal role like any other sense organs of our body. So it is our responsibility to look after it accurately. For eye care, we have an optometrist and an optician. Each one of them has their significant and individual role to play to take care of our vision and eyesight. But there is the difference between each one of them in the level of expertise and task.

Optometrist: He is not a certified doctor though he can test and diagnosis your eyesight and prescribe corrective measures.

Optician: An optician is of two types. One is the dispensing opticians and the other is the ophthalmic opticians. An optician is neither a certified doctor like an Ophthalmologist not is certified to check or diagnosis one’s problem like an optometrist. Their work is to provide the prescribed lenses, eyeglasses or any other tools to cure one’s eyesight.

Difference between an optometrist and an optician:

An optometrist is a professional person who takes care of the vision of your eye and can provide necessary vision care ranging from testing one’s eyesight and correction, to the diagnosis, and enhances management of vision change as well. On the other hand, an optician is a technician who is trained for designing and verifying suitable eyeglasses, frames and various items needed to correct or cure one’s vision.

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An optometrist is not a certified medical doctor. An optometrist gets a doctor of optometry (OD) degree after he completes his four years of optometry school after his three or more years in college. They are verified as doctors and become licensed optometrist who can practice optometry. This involves vision tests, prescribing required lenses, detecting vision abnormalities and prescribing medicines to the patient as per requirement. On the other hand, an optician use and follows the prescription prescribed by the ophthalmologist or the optometrist. They are not certified or licensed to make any test or provide any further prescription to the patient for correction of vision. An optician is not supposed to treat or diagnosis eye diseases, unlike an ophthalmologist or optometrist.

Key Differences Between An Optometrist And An Optician

Eye plays a big role in more ways that we may even realize. Without a fair and fine eyesight all our abilities to work, to play, to drive, to study and even to recognize someone or something gets drastically affected. There are a number of health issues that can affect our vision. This includes diabetes and blood pressure (BP). It’s our immense responsibility to take action beforehand. Hence it’s important to look after few conditions given below and see if you have any.

  • Bulging eyes (one or both)
  • Dark curtains that blocks the vision
  • Diabetes
  • Double view
  • Excess tear fall
  • Abnormal eyelid
  • High BP
  • HIV / AIDS
  • Thyroid
  • Red eyes

And the list goes on. One must take care of one’s health and take precautions as soon as possible. They need to see the appropriate specialist and get treated correctly at the earliest. As we all know health is our primary wealth, therefore we should look after it keenly.

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