Eyelash Extensions: 8 Charms You Get from Longer Lashes

Having the Best False Eyelash requires The Best Strip Eyelash Glue

A lot of girls are envious with boys who have long lashes because they [that do not have] still need to put mascara on, use false eyelashes and even use some hair growth oils specifically for the eyes for them to have what they call beautiful and long eyelashes.

Also, not all boys have long lashes; many girls also do. It’s just that those who aren’t given much are jealous of those who are so blessed with long lashes. Well, if you’re one of those aspiring long-lashed people, whether you’re male or female, know now that you can already achieve long eyelashes through Eyelash Extensions.

Services providing Eyelash Extensions Las Vegas aim to grant the wishes of those who want to have “better-looking” lashes. Well, that does not mean short lashes aren’t good; they are actually nice and cute. It’s just that different people have different preferences, and some want and even need longer eyelashes. Not only those who just want longer lashes can get these eyelash extensions but also those who need them for important occasions and engagements.

Eyelash extensions actually do a lot, and to let you know the benefits of getting them yourself, here is a list of 9 of them:


Some are worried that eyelash extensions feel heavy and uncomfortable because some false eyelashes are. The good thing is that eyelash extension is made to give you an amazing look while feeling natural and pleasant as well. They don’t bother when you work, move and do physically demanding activities. Lightweight is what they are, and that’s one of the many things to love about eyelash extensions.


The usual “problem” of those who decide to get eyelash extensions for a daily purpose is that their eyelashes are thin. If the same is a problem for you as well, then considering to get extended eyelashes would be a good idea. Eyelash extensions add thickness and fullness to your natural eyelashes. They look healthier and lush.


Eyelash extensions, while they make your natural eyelashes thicker, also improve the look not just in your eyes but also of your eyes. The eyes catch attention since it’s how you make a contact with other people. If you want your eyes to be more attractive, eyelash extensions can do the trick.

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Your eyes become more emphasized and enhanced. If you want your eyes to look better while not spending and risking a lot through surgery, then getting eyelash extensions is the thing. Make your eyes your asset as you make them wonder why you have such beautiful eyes.


Of course, when you say “extend”, you add length to something. Eyelash extensions give you longer lashes which please you so much as they add glamour to your look. They are lifted and even curled as you desire, and the result of it just makes you want to display your beautiful lashes, open your eyes wide and blink with allure.


The effects of eyelash extensions are not only manifested in your exact appearance but also in how you are perceived by people and how you perceive and feel about yourself. They might add confidence in you if that is what’s lacking. Lengthened and thickened eyelashes make you appear fresher, awake and youthful. It splashes brightness on your face that transcends to those you meet face-to-face.


False eyelashes, especially if not attached well, can fall off of your eyes while you’re having a great time at an active event like parties and sports. Without proper attention, the glue that might be used could not be of good quality as well. There are many risks of using false eyelashes especially if you’re about to engage in physical activities.

With eyelash extensions, you can do stuff without hassle because they aren’t as artificial as falsies. Actually, you can exercise and do moving and sweating activities even with your extended lashes. They are very advantageous as they just stick on your natural lashes like they’re family. You can live just like how you do without them, and they won’t mind as long as you keep in mind the safety precautions advised by your eyelash extension clinic.

The use of eyelash extensions kit already do the work of making your eyes more gorgeous and alive. That’s why wearing makeup, especially mascara and eyeliner, is no longer necessary. You can just wash your face and fix a little and conceal what you want and need to, and you can already have a presentable look. There’s no need for a very heavy makeup if it’s definitely unnecessary at the moment. In that way, you can also improve your skin’s health by taking a break on makeup.

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Both putting false eyelashes and makeup are time-consuming. They take up so much of your time especially if you can’t attach the falsies immediately and properly or if you cannot get the makeup look you want. You always have a tendency to redo, so time is really eaten up a lot.

With eyelash extensions, you don’t have to do both since they themselves are already appealing. It is very practical in terms of time management as well because you can just leave the house anytime, especially when you are in a hurry, without putting on any cosmetics. It saves you time while it enables you to accomplish more important and urgent tasks.


A lot of people get eyelash extensions because of these benefits and more! Lush lashes enhance how you look and add to the beauty that you already have. If you’re planning to have yours, be certain that you get it from professional eyelash extension services, so that you’ll get the most of what you pay for, and you’ll surely obtain the outcome you want.


For Nicole Ann Pore, people’s eyes do a lot to imply a person’s mood and health condition. It is important to keep them healthy and beautiful. She writes about taking care of them together with their many parts, as well as the enhancements that people do on their brows and lashes that affect how their eyes look like. Nicole is a daytime writer for BrowCo, an Australian company that offers eyelash extensions and eyebrow shaping services. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, the Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.