What To Get Him For This Year’s Birthday

Are you stumped on what to get your man for his upcoming birthday? You’re not the only one. If the man in your life has pretty much everything, it’s time to upgrade his gifts. One of the best things about giving people gifts is that it’s usually not something they would buy for themselves, so it’s the perfect way to sneak in something special.

From classic birthday gifts to fun ideas for the love of your life, we’ve put together a few innovative gift options to get your creative juices flowing. Remember, Kalmar Antiques has antique pocket watches on sale, too!

The Best Birthday Gifts For Your Man This Year

Scented Candles

Before you scoff, hear us out. Men do like scented candles. They even make candles, especially for men to remind them of manly things, like barber shops. It’ll take him right back to easier times and the soothing scents will help him unwind after a long day. What’s more, these candles are often handmade and presented beautifully.

A Monthly Subscription

We’re not really talking about a Showmax subscription, but more along the lines of a monthly grooming kit if your man is the type to like looking after himself. He’s sure to be surprised each month with some of the coolest grooming products around, like hair stuff, face scrubbers, lip balms, beard oils and more. Look around and you may even find promo codes to help you save!

A Warm Winter Jacket

 What To Get Him For This Year’s Birthday

Image Source: Pixabay

If you fancy dressing your man up in the coat of all coats, you’re going to want to get him the Canada Goose parka in sexy graphite grey. It’s a little pricey but he is well worth it, isn’t he? It’s the kind of coat that is guaranteed to keep him warm when the weather starts to turn. It’s also 625-fill white brown and has a water repellent finish, a fur trim hood that’s removable and a whole lot of other funky features.

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Amazon Echo Show For The Tech Savvy Guy In Your Life

Is your guy a tech boffin? Great! Consider getting him the latest installment from Amazon in the form of the second-generation Echo Show. This one has all the razzle and dazzle of the first echo, but it now shows you things, too, rather than merely telling you. It’s actually 2019 must-have for the tech dude in your life.

Far more advanced than its predecessor, this one offers a crystal clear 10-inch screen, HD of course, and comes standard with incredible Dolby sound. It also comes in white.

What To Get Him For This Year’s Birthday

Image Source: Pexels

We know how hard it can be trying to find the perfect gift for your man for his birthday, but with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there are plenty of great ideas doing the rounds that are sure to give you loads of inspiration and help you make this the birthday he will never forget. If all else fails, book a romantic dinner, an experience day out or simply just do something to show him how much he truly means to you!