What Should You Consider Before Making a Microblading Appointment?

Full and bold eyebrows are the latest trend in today’s beauty and makeup industry, and many celebrities are well-known for their bold eyebrow statements. If you have tried eyebrow pencils, gel, stencils, and powder but you still aren’t able to create the fuller look you want, then you may start to consider microblading.

Microblading has grown in popularity in recent years. This can be attributed to the natural but long-lasting look it can provide. However, getting your brows micro-bladed is not something you should rush into as it is semi-permanent and uses a tattoo technique. So here are five things that you should consider and know about before you go ahead with microblading.

Find the Right Salon

It is really important that you do your research to find some of the best microblading services in your local area. Have a look online and ask around if anyone you know has had the treatment done and see where they went. While regulations can vary depending on your location, the beauty technician should be able to show you proof of their training. It is advisable to make sure the salon used a reputable training company, such as Ink Defined, for their microblading training.  Ink Defined offers courses that are tailored to ensure the long-term success of every candidate they train, so it is definitely a brand worth looking out for. A good salon won’t mind sitting down with you to discuss your treatment and show you where they got trained.

Preparation Is Required

There are some steps you will need to take in preparation for your microblading appointment. In the same way that there are things you should do/not do before you get a tattoo, you should also avoid doing anything that may thin your blood. Therefore, if you drink a lot of alcohol or use retinol, you should stop this a week before treatment.

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Results Can Vary

Just because microblading worked really well for your friend or someone else you know, it doesn’t mean you will have the same results. Results can last for up to a year, but this can depend on your natural eyebrow hair, skin type and the types of pigments used. Initially, you should expect some inflammation and a darker color to the pigment, but this will fade after around two weeks.

It Requires Upkeep

It is essential that you keep up with the aftercare instructions you are given as not only is it safer, but it will also help improve the results of the treatment. You need to keep freshly micro-bladed eyebrows free from moisture for up to a week after having it done, as if the scab comes off too early you will lose some of the pigment/color. You should also ensure that you are using plenty of SPF daily (at least SPF 30).

It Might Hurt

You should remember that micro-blading is a form of tattoo and so may be a bit painful. Though pain is relative so it is difficult to predict how painful you will find it. You will probably have an idea of how well you can handle pain. But if you are concerned about the pain, you should invest in numbing cream and apply it an hour beforehand.

Microblading can be an effective treatment that will help you achieve your ultimate eyebrow goals. But before you head down to the salon and go ahead with your appointment, you should do your research.