Four Ways to Keep Your Skin Healthy When Swimming on Vacation

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Dipping into the pool on a hot day when on vacation; there really is nothing better. Unfortunately for many though, swimming can cause irritated or dry skin and it can strip your skin of its natural oils. Not only this, swimming can take off your sun lotion, leaving your skin exposed to UV rays. If you want to protect your skin and keep it healthy whilst using the pool on vacation, here’s how.

Rinse Before and After

Chlorine often causes the skin to become irritated, especially with those who already have sensitive skin. If you wet your skin before with water that does not contain any chlorine, the effects from the pool on your skin will not be as bad. Rinsing afterward is also ideal to rid your skin of having chlorine on it for the rest of the day.

Use Chlorine Neutralizer

If you do suffer badly from using the pool on vacation, a chlorine neutralizer will aid in protecting the skin and prevent any rashes. It also helps to know what is in the water you are swimming in, which is why having a private pool is perfect, especially for those who do have sensitive skin. If you want a holiday home with your very own private infinity pool, check out Angsana Laguna Residence Phuket.

Top Up That Sun Cream

We often do not top up sun cream as often as we should. Especially in water, applying sun cream is important. The water in the pool will magnify any UV rays from the sun, meaning you are even more at risk from damaging your skin than if you were sunbathing. Purchasing a sun cream that is waterproof means you will get longer lasting protection. Always read the label to see how many times they recommend topping up your sun cream throughout the day. You should always apply sun cream at least 30 minutes before you go out into the sun so that it has had time to bind to your skin.

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Stay Hydrated!

Keeping your body hydrated is the best way to minimize any damage from the pool. Not only does this mean moisturizing your skin on the outside, but it also means hydrating yourself from within. Often, we drink alcohol when we are on holiday and this can dehydrate us massively, leaving our skin to become dehydrated as well. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially when in the sun and the pool. Exfoliating and moisturizing each morning and night whilst on vacation can also really help with this. You can purchase many exfoliating shower gels, so this can be done whilst in the shower. Use a moisturizer with after sun for the best protection for your skin.

Swimming is fantastic exercise and is what many of us enjoy doing whilst on vacation. Using chlorine neutralizer, topping up your sun cream and moisturizing can all aid in keeping your skin soft and supple whilst on vacation.