How to add spice to your relationship?

When every relationship begins, we love the excitement and surprises it brings before us; each day seems like a romantic movie. You feel pampered by your partner which makes you feel even more special. But no relationship stays the same; every relationship faces ups and downs. After a certain point of time relationships tend to fade, and this is when you need to get a reality check and understand the reason behind it and work hard to bring it back those golden days. You can only do it by adding little spice to your relationship so that the spark stays alive forever.

Tips and tricks

Here are a few simple tips on how you can spice up your relationship bring back love and life to your relationship. So, try them out, your partner shall surely love to receive those happy surprises from you

1) Compliment your partner

If you want to have a new beginning, visit the flashback where you complimented your partner and loved their reaction. This too will work now. Compliments are loved by every individual so it’s not too late either. Admire your partner, compliment them for their looks, they will surely feel good; this is how you can take your first step.

2) Recall your first date

Having a conversation for hours is something many have forgotten these days, and the credit goes to the internet, technology, and smartphones, where we hardly feel necessary to talk to our loved ones. However, if you wish to spice up your relationship then recall the memory of your first date. Involve your partner in the conversation and recall those sweet memories together.

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3) Cook your partner’s favorite delicacies

Trying to impress your partner, this trick never fails. So, cooking for your partner is one way where you can impress your partner by cooking his/her favorite dishes. That makes him/ her feel homely and is a way to show that you care and love for them even now.

4) Hire a housemaid

After a hectic day, it’s obvious that you and your partner need some rest. If your partner finds the sink with a pile of dishes waiting for a wash, she is bound to be frustrated. To make it happen, you could help by hiring a housemaid so that when your partner arrives home after a tiring day, she would be relaxed enough to spend time with you.

5) Exercise Together

Fitness is necessary for a healthy body and mind. If you eat and sleep together why not exercise?  A few workout sessions with your partner would prove to be beneficial to your health as well as the health of your partner. Couples who exercise together are likely to stay fit as they love what they are doing in the company of their beloved. You can try out couple yoga routine; this might help.

6) Surprise your partner

Everyone loves surprises, but if you are in a relationship, you tend to know a lot of the things including your partner’s daily routine, and his/her daily chores. This makes life a little boring as you find nothing new to discover. In this case, you can surprise your partner by making some schedule changes. Show up for lunch, without informing the other.  Go out on a date or skip the gym.

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7) Dress up for your partner

Remember, the time when you loved dressing up for your partner?  Well, you can do it now as well, take an extra effort to look nice as you used to before. Make him/ her feel special by putting a light makeup on, picking the best from your wardrobe. This is not only for women who must take the efforts to dress up for their partners but also for men who can shave, or groom better; this may ignite sparks.

8) Quit smoking

There are several surveys conducted every year which states that a lot of people do not like their partners to smoke cigarettes. They try to fight with their partners and ask them to quit smoking cigarettes. We are here to help those people who are trying hard for their partners and are searching for options which would help them to force their partners to quit. As your partner is a chain smoker, it would be initially difficult for him quit and may bicker with you as you would be forcing him to do so.