What are split ends? How to cure?

Split ends can happen in your hair anytime and at any age. It is probably not something you are hearing for the first time or have not faced yet. Although split ends are common, they do not happen to you all of a sudden. It gradually conquers your hair, leading to excessive hair fall and loss of hair texture. In other words, you can say that split ends completely disrupts your hair strength and overall hair health.

In the beginning, you can barely detect split ends. You often get rid of them by trimming your hair, but do you think that’s the only way to cure? Oiling your hair also helps in treating split ends, but does it still not happen? Well, there are some simple ways that you can try at home to get rid of split ends totally.

When you are dealing with split ends, you are actually in the mid of fuzzy hair, tousled ends, and extreme dryness. Sometimes split ends can happen to you as a matter of chronic problem. On the other hand, you may find people easily maintaining long and healthy hair without damaged ends. On such occasions, do not get frustrated or helpless and ask “why me?”. Such a problem is often genetic so you may have your mother and grandmother’s poor hair traits in you. You can still improve the texture of your hair and reduce any risks of coming across split ends using simple home remedies.

What do you understand by split ends?

To say in simple words, split ends are simply the condition where one hair strand gets split into two. Sometimes it might happen that you pull out split hair stranded separately without even knowing it. Now it will not be difficult anymore for you to understand the problem.

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Split ends occur when your hair shaft gets frayed due to unkempt and under-maintained hair conditions. You will find split ends at the end of the hair strand, where the cells are most aged and prone to fray. However, it is not that split ends are always present at the end of the hair only. You may also get split ends at any other location in the strand as well.

Split ends can be a key red flag in terms of your hair health and overall hair growth rate. Not only are split ends unwanted but they make your hair look extremely frizzy, dry, and exhibit poor overall health. If you keep neglecting proper care of your hair, it can take an ugly turn leading to permanent hair loss. Problems like split ends escalate rapidly, causing extreme brittleness and breakage in your hair strands. So if you are thinking that why your hair is not growing in length, split ends might be the answer.

Reasons why split ends appear

Check out the most common reason why your hair ends tend to split:

  1. Hairstyling

When you use a lot of hair styling equipment like hot dryers, curlers, or hair straighteners, you eventually damage your hair. These tools zap out the moisture content of your hair, causing extreme dryness and brittleness. Thus, it makes your hair highly delicate, all the more susceptible to easy damage and split ends.

  1. Chemical treatments

When you apply strong dyes and highlighters on your hair, it can damage your overall hair health. This is because these dyes contain very strong chemicals that your hair cannot naturally withstand. Such chemical treatments result in the greater appearance of split ends on your hair strands, creating heavy long-term damage. Hence, on the process of highlighting your hair texture, you actually degrade it from within.

  1. Using incorrect hair care products

There are some hair products that have high alcohol content and dehydrating agents, posing adverse effects on your hair.  Such products not only gives your hair a dry, frizzy texture but also results in split ends. That is why you should keep a track of when you have trimmed your hair for the last time. If you forget trimming your hair routinely, you will end up damaging more of your hair than before.

  1. Climatic factors

Typical changes in weather can also contribute to your loss of hair and split end problems. You may often hear someone saying that you experience more hair fall in the winters than in any other seasons. This is because, during the winter season, the climate is very dry and that makes your hair and entire body dehydrated. Hence, you should drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated, so that your hair health is also improved.

  1. Unhealthy diet

When you don’t get an appropriate amount of nutrition from your daily diet, hair damage is inevitable. It is very important to scrutinize and monitor your diet effectively. For proper growth and strengthening of your hair, you need to supply it with sufficient nutrients. If you do not put the effort at the beginning itself, the end will not be fruitful. When there is a deficit of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins in your diet, it causes hormonal imbalance. Such an event, in turn, can lead to unhealthy hair and rise of split ends.

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Home remedies to treat split ends

  • Trim your hair at regular intervals to keep the ends healthy and strong.
  • Use an egg mask to nourish and moisten your hair strands. Eggs act as a very good conditioner. Take one egg yolk with honey and olive oil to prepare a mask and apply on your hair. It will condition your hair and remove all split ends.
  • Apply lukewarm olive or coconut oil on your hair and gently massage your scalp regularly.
  • Use papaya extract or honey with yogurt and apply on your hair as a mask. Do this once a week to maintain healthier hair.

Always remember not to apply hot blow dryer on your hair to prevent fraying. Drink lots of water and lead a healthy life for getting rid of split ends and damaged hair problems.