How to Ensure Your Branded T-shirts Are Stylish and Flattering

Are you looking to give away souvenirs for an upcoming major event? Is your company intending to release marketing goods? Are you a vlogger planning to start selling “merch”? T-shirts are a good option for what you have in mind.

First, you need to come up with a good design or two. Once you have finalized the image or images you want to put on your T-shirt, it’s time to contact a custom T-shirt printing service.

The thing about company or event T-shirts is that they tend to utilize the basic cut in generic sizes. Back in the ‘80s when oversized T-shirts were the height of fashion, this would have been okay. These days, if you don’t want your T-shirts to immediately end up in the donation pile or be relegated to sleepwear, choose attractive T-shirt styles to print on.

Stylish T-shirts for Men

Men have different body shapes. It’s important to know that they have preferences, too, in terms of T-shirt style. Here are some that you should make sure to have on hand for different male wearers.

1.  Muscle Fit

Usually made of slightly elasticized cotton, this T-shirt style is different from the too-tight, ill-fitting T-shirt. The right fit will have the seam between the shoulder and the arm right on the joint. Too tight and the armpit will suck up the material so the sleeves will ride up. The bottom will also comically inch up, revealing the tummy in an unbecoming manner.

Obviously, the muscle fit shirt is best worn by those who’ve been working on their muscles. This type of T-shirt clings, defining the curves and contours of the body, so if the wearer has curves and bulges that he doesn’t want displayed and emphasized, this style isn’t for him.

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On the other hand, if he believes that he has something to flaunt, a muscle fit shirt is perfect for him. Modeling agencies would sometimes have their male models wear muscle fit shirts to sport their casual look in their portfolio.

2. Fitted

Not all fitted T-shirts are muscle shirts. This is the trickiest fit to find since it’s supposed to fit just right. It’s not too tight to be an unforgiving muscle shirt, but it’s not loose enough to be considered baggy.

This is the best fit for those who are stocky or largely built. Tall, short, or average, this is the safest fit to wear.

3. Baggy

Do not confuse this with oversized. The baggy shirt is still the right size, very much proportionate to the wearer’s body, only looser and more relaxed. This shirt is definitely more forgiving and works for most body types.

Anybody can wear it, but it can look lousy if no thought is put into the entire ensemble. To make it look as attractive as possible, it needs to be worn correctly. Partnered with tight-fitting pants, the baggy T-shirt can be just as stylish as a body-hugging shirt.

4. Oversized

People who want to cover up less flattering areas tend to wear oversized T-shirts, but this doesn’t help their cause. They only end up looking sloppy and dowdy. That’s not too say that oversized shirts cannot be stylish.

The irony is that people with a slender build are the ones who can best pull off the look. Paired with tight-fitting joggers or tracksuit bottoms, this can help the wearer achieve a nice sporty look.

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T-shirt Necklines for Women

Women need to choose the right T-shirt fit, too, of course. Besides that, they also need to pay attention to the neckline and pick the one that is most flattering for them.

Here are their options:

1. Crew neck

This is the most common neckline, but it’s not easy for women to pull off a stylish look with it. It tends to emphasize a large chest as well as a short neck and a double chin.

2. Round neck

Similar to the crew neck but less snug, the round neck pretty much offers the same look, but is cooler and less confining to wear.

3. Scoop neck

This neckline can make a short or thick neck look longer. It nicely displays the collarbone, but those with broad shoulders should be careful not to wear a wide scoop. Those with a full, round face should also think twice about wearing a shirt with a scoop neck.

4. V-neck

This usually works well for everybody, but especially for pear-shaped women. Wearers should make sure it’s the right V. Too high and it can make the bust look saggy. Too low and it might reveal more than what the wearer is comfortable with.

5. Boat neck

This looks graceful on the right frame. It offsets wide hips, but is not recommended for those who are broad-shouldered.

A T-shirt for Everybody

If you can make it happen, have several T-shirt styles and sizes available. If you’re more limited in terms of your budget, well-fitting shirts with V-necks seem to be the safest style to offer.


Momin Rabbani is the Founder of Emirates Apparel in Dubai, a trademark of Aston GB General Trading Co LLC. The company has secured authorised UAE distributor status of the world-famous American brands Fruit of the Loom and Russell Europe, also known as Jerzees. Emirates Apparel aims to be the leading supplier of quality promotional, work wear and leisurewear garments in the UAE.