How to manage curly hair during summers?

Calling out to all the girls with curly hair! Have you ever wondered how amazing you look with cute, curly cascading hair? However, summer is the time that completely screws up your look, doesn’t it? You start feeling frustrated and irritated with your entangled curls. It takes away your joy completely. Your hair becomes all frizzy, damaged and unkempt every time you step out of the house.

When its summer, your body tends to become dehydrated. Imagine the scorching sun holding a straw to its mouth. It sips up every drop of water inside your body, making you all dry and thirsty. To counteract your dehydration, you rehydrate yourself by drinking water, don’t you?

As your body becomes dry, the same way your hair always becomes dry due to lack of hydration. You need to provide enough nourishment to the dried up hair follicles, to boost up their luster back again. For that, you can use oil and water baths for your hair to keep them healthy.

Tips to maintain curly hair

  1. Avoid using heating appliances

Summers can be rough. Do not make it rougher by using more heating tools on your hair. When you perform blow drying with hot air, hair irons, and hot combs on your hair, they make it worse for you.

Your hair strands become more vulnerable to easy breakage or damage due to excess heat pressure. It is so ironic, as you use more hair tools when the weather is humid and hot. Learn to embrace the natural texture of your hair without experimenting on it with thermal styling tools. Apply moisturizing creams specific for hair to keep them hydrated, and twist little sections to enhance your curls. If your hair gets entangled, slowly try untangling them with your fingers.

  1. Go for a short hair cut

It is quite difficult to maintain long hair, especially when it is curly. If you have long curly hair, the summer season can be a hard time for you. Get a short but cute cut for your curly hair, according to your face shape from a good salon. Do not feel bad about losing your hair length, as it will grow soon when the winter arrives. The best hair cut that you can try is a round shaped one. Keep the ends blunt to define your curls more effectively.

  1. Try hair products with high moisture content
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Moisture is a crucial component to keep your hair healthy, be it curly or straight. Hot weather takes away all the moisture from your body, without sparing your hair. So when you are buying cosmetic products for summer, always go for the ones that have good moisture value. Hair care products including moisturizing hair lotions, moisturizing shampoos, and conditioners, are a big yes. Check the ingredients on these products, as they should contain coconut oil, honey, and shea butter. Do not buy hair products that contain alcohol or oil absorbers, such as clay and grapefruit.

  1. Condition your hair deeply and wisely

Good conditioning of hair ensures good hair health. During summer, your hair becomes all dry and frizzy that needs proper conditioning to get back its luster. To overcome the roughness and unkempt appearance, use good moisturizing conditioner on your hair. Check if your shampoo and conditioner are complementing each other in action. Do not use a dry shampoo with a moisturizing conditioner, the effects will cancel each other. When you apply moisturizing conditioner, ensure that your shampoo is a hydrating one as well. You need to go for frequent baths in a week in summer times for properly shampooing and conditioning your hair.

What are the other hacks to try in summer?

  1. Say yes to indirect heat than direct heating tools

If you want to style your hair with heat, avoid using strong hair straighteners or blow dryers. Instead, you can try steamers or hood dryers to raise the moisturizing effect on your hair, without causing any damage. Proper moisturizing and conditioning therapy on curly hair without using direct thermal tools, can improve the hair texture and quality.

  1. Go for a safe swim
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You simply cannot resist yourself from taking a good, refreshing swim in a pool during summer. It helps you ward off your body heat much effectively. Are you going to say not to swimming because you have curly hair? Obviously not! However, you need to take some preliminary precautions before you jump into the pool.

Apply a little amount of essential oil on your hair for misting it prior to swimming. In this way, you fill your hair follicles with moisture that will not get damaged by water due to swelling. After you are done with your swim, wash your hair properly with a hydrating shampoo and a deep moisturizing conditioner.

  1. Buy cleansing conditioners

Do you know that there is an alternative to regular shampoos that you normally use? The alternatives are called cleansing conditioners. They do not deplete moisture content from your hair strands, despite living in hot conditions. You may prefer using shampoos more, but cleansing conditioners can actually help you in summer times. For instance, if you are shampooing your hair two times in a week, replace it with one shampoo and a co-wash.

How to minimize damage from heat styling tools?

You may favor the use of styling irons and other heating tools for your hair, but don’t always come with fruitful results. Unknowingly, you are actually damaging your hair (maybe permanent) for a temporary styling moment. However, you can adjust the heat when you style your hair in summer.

Always set your blow dryer at the lowest temperature to manage your curls and their density, without any damage. The ideal temperature for:

  1. Thin hair is 250-300 degrees
  2. Medium density is 300-350 degrees
  3. Thick hair is 350-400 degrees

Never go beyond this setting. Avoid using hair irons frequently to prevent damage to your curls. After applying heat, go for hair protection creams to restore the quality of your hair.