The importance of grandparents in a child’s life

Grandparents are the foundation of every family. Grandparents are essential for any family, and every child needs a grandparent to shower them with unconditional love and affection.

Today’s life is full of worries and stress. Parents have many commitments and to fulfill them they spent half of their daily lives outside their home. Children do not have anybody except their grandparents in their home when their parents are away. Grandparents normally look after their grandchildren very well with a lot of love and affection. Grandparents do not expect any monetary benefits from their children for taking care of their grandchildren.

Grandchildren expect a lot of attention from their parents during their childhood days. This care cannot be provided by working parents who are busy with their lives. The love and attention of parents can only be substituted by their grandparents. The grandparents pour unconditional love on their grandchildren and expect only love in return. Healthy grandparents do not hesitate to raise their grandchildren. They connect well with their children and always help the children to get on the school bus on time, to help them to get ready for school, to play with them when they return from school and bring with them a lot of experience, energy, and enthusiasm.

Grandparents are one of the main ingredients for successful family life. They provide stability to the family. Grandparents with their wisdom and knowledge will guide the growing children in their young age to successfully steer them into their future journey. They have many things to teach their grandchildren which will give great knowledge to the children to face life in the future.

Grandparents are great mentors. They have a lot of wisdom to share. They have learned many things in their long journey of life which can help the budding children. Grandparents can teach many activities and skills to the children as they would have gained immense knowledge in their long journey.

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Grandparents will teach the values of being a good citizen and a good human being. Children feel free to talk and usually don’t hesitate to ask questions to their grandparents. The bondage between the grandparents and the children are more than the attachment between parents and children.

Why are grandparents kept away from the family?

Today’s lifestyle has changed the relationship value in a family. People love others on a priority basis. Love and affection in a family depend on their necessity.

Grandparents were an asset to their children during their early lives, and when children get married and have their children, their priority changes towards their children as their necessity for their parents gets reduced. Parents love their children, and not their parents. Grandparents who were an asset become a liability for a family, and are kept away from their home.

Many parents stay away from their parents in the same city or in a faraway city or country. There may be various reasons for this to happen. Many at times, because of their job constraints, both the parents travel from one city to another. Children are also made to travel, but grandparents are avoided citing health issues and age factor. In these circumstances, the separation of children and grandparents are unavoidable. However, many times, grandparents are not allowed to meet their grandchildren for many other reasons. Separating a grandparent and a child should be avoided.

Grandparents are like a treasure trove. Parents for their personal reasons should not keep away a grandparent and a child. Grandparents legal rights are very strong in the case involving the child and the elder. The law is very strong in favor of a grandparent in such cases. If the children are kept away for unnecessary reasons, the Court of Law will give all benefits to help a grandparent.

Legal rights of Grandparents

There are many rights a grandparent can avail from the Court regarding children. Visitation rights, Foster care rights, Custody rights, Adoption rights are some of the law supporting a grandparent, in such cases. These are some of the laws which would help a grandparent to have control over their grandchildren if their parents wish to avoid the interaction between a grandparent and his/her grandchild.

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The law also gives permission for a meeting between a grandparent and a child on a regular basis. Apart from the law, every parent should understand the real reason behind a grandparent’s legal action. A Grandparent will never hurt his child, by taking a legal course of action.

A parent should understand the real reason for their parent’s legal action against them. It is purely for their love and affection for their grandchildren that the grandparents may go to court. They do not go to court for monetary benefits; they want only their grandchildren to meet them regularly.

Parents should understand their parent’s plea and allow them to meet their children. Children gain much from their interaction with their elders. Knowledge, experience, and affection towards each other are hard to find these days. A grandparent can give this valuable experience without spending any money. By spending time with grandparents, the children will gain much valuable information which they won’t learn otherwise.

Parents should avoid confrontation with their father and mother and visit them often, with their children. If staying permanently is not possible, at least regular visits to their homes will increase the family values and keep everybody happy. Maintaining regular contact with the grandparents allows the children to talk their grandparents through video call or mobile and send e-mails with their pictures to them. Grandparents are usually simplistic; they do not expect anything other than love, affection, and they want people to understand their feelings, and they have unbiased love towards their grandchildren.

A responsible father and mother should act as a bridge between the elders and youngsters, and keep them both connected with each other for the well-being of their parents and their children.