Ideas For Special Diamond Gifts

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Diamonds have never been some fleeting trend. Unlike other gifts that come and go with the seasons or that end up on the donation pile, diamonds are something you keep forever. They’re a lasting symbol of reverence, sentimentality and elegance.

Thanks to a whole huge range of shapes, cuts and sizes these days, gifting a luxurious and meaningful diamond is easier than it’s ever been.

Before you rush out to buy diamond gifts, there are a few things worth noting. For example, earrings and necklaces make for gorgeous gifts, especially if you don’t know someone’s ring size or it’s for a new partner. If you’re not too sure what colour or metal to choose, take a look at what the recipient tends to wear on a daily basis or what’s hiding in their jewellery box.

Stuck for ideas? Here are a few to get you started.

A Classic Tennis Bracelet

A tennis bracelet is a classic, elegant gift that is not for small budgets. The bracelet consists of a singular strand of diamonds that are more understated than a single-stone ring or necklace. It’s also something that never goes out of style.

Tennis bracelets come in different metals, such as yellow gold, white gold and even rose gold. You can even have one made from rubies, blue sapphires, emeralds or a mixture. Australian Diamond Importers offers wholesale diamonds Sydney investors and diamond collectors prefer and you can choose from their vast collection of white and coloured diamonds.

Diamond-Encrusted Charms

Pick the first letter of the recipient’s name or anything else that has special meaning for a sure-to-be-treasured sentimental gift. Charm necklaces come in many different metals and you can choose one that’s encrusted in sparkling white diamonds for a stunning gift.

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Ideas For Special Diamond Gifts

Image Source: Pexels

A Necklace With An Arc Of Diamonds

A dainty, unique necklace with an arc of coloured diamonds makes for a very special gift. Choose a barely-there chain with black diamonds that truly make a statement.

Diamond Stacker Rings

A diamond stacker ring is a perfect piece for anyone’s jewellery collection. It’s elegant, refined and simply sparkly. It’s also something the recipient can wear all day long either as one ring or stacked for a custom look. Choose white, rose or yellow gold in 14 or 18-karats depending on the lucky gift recipient’s preferences and add a personalised engraving for something truly special.

Diamond Drop Earrings

Drop earrings are relatively inexpensive and very contemporary. The gold threads elegantly through a diamond button for a beautiful twist, making the earrings an elegant statement piece or a truly classic look.

Mix Shapes Of Diamond Rings

A diamond cuff ring brings together different shapes for a unique look and a very special gift. Choose something with a brilliant cut and modern baguette diamond for an eye-catching and modern gift in rose, white or yellow gold.

Diamonds always make for a wanted and treasured gift, whether it’s earrings, a bracelet, a necklace or the perfect diamond engagement ring.

Ideas For Special Diamond Gifts

Image Source: Pexels

Find out what your recipient really likes and choose a gift they will love wearing for a very long time to come.