How Does Homecoming And Prom Differ?

Prom and homecoming, until you have been to these events yourself, can commonly be the most mixed-up events in the history of high school. They are often lumped in the same category and not given much differentiation when it comes to planning for or attending the event.

Whether you have a homecoming or prom coming up however, you are still going to need a dress. If you are still on the hunt, we recommend searching for the latest trends such as the high low homecoming dress on Peaches Boutique and similar dress stores. There you can find a big selection of brands and styles for any body type and budget so you can get on top of the game!

Homecoming vs. Prom – Differences You Really Need to Know

It’s good to get an overview of both events so it’s clear in your mind how they differ. This will also help you make the most of both occasions as both are important events in their own right. Also, once you know the main differences, you will be able to plan your dress better, who you’re going with, and other important things.

What’s Homecoming?

Homecoming normally lasts a week and is organized by the college or high school the student goes to. If you are going to a college homecoming, then this will be a great time where old students are welcomed back as a kind of ‘reunion’. It celebrates the achievements, jobs and careers of the athletes at the school too which you will normally find in football teams.

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How Does Homecoming And Prom Differ?
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Homecoming happens in fall also which means the dresses are shorter and normally less casual but still glam as compared to the formal styles seen at prom. It does mainly depend on your school, however, as some will be semi-formal and others will be less formal. If you need a homecoming sign American Sign Letters has many to choose from.

As it’s normally hot on that season, students want to be comfortable. So, often, there won’t be pressured to wear very formal clothes and it becomes a much more relaxed event.

What About Prom?

Prom is often associated with being the highlight of high school. It signifies the end of an era so to speak and saying ‘goodbyes’ to all your friends and teachers as you move onto the next phase of your life.

This occasion is normally held between April and June and is known as ‘prom season’. Girls will normally go all out on the gowns and shop till they drop whilst looking for fancy transportation to the big event. Guys will also buy or rent formal suits for the occasion, so they look their best.

How Does Homecoming And Prom Differ?
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Prom is only held on one night and features different ceremonies, awards, and announcements such as the famous prom king and queen.

As you can see, both events are quite different in nature and in planning! So, which event are you looking forward to the most, prom or homecoming?!