How to Plan a Post-Wedding Party?

After the big wedding day, a lot of us wonder why and how to plan a post-wedding party. First, you need to understand why the post-wedding party is necessary at all. It is very much evident that the part is to celebrate the wedding. Moreover, you don’t have to plan a grand party but a casual get-together where you can invite your close friends and family. Moreover, it is also an opportunity for those guests who couldn’t attend the wedding due to some reason to be a part of the party.

We often come across situations where our childhood friends or some relatives living in another city couldn’t make it to the wedding due to some reason. At times we also miss out on some important guests whom we forget to invite for the wedding. This is the opportunity to invite them and have a good time together.

Now that you know why to host such a party, let’s focus on how you can arrange one such party. As mentioned earlier, it doesn’t have to be a grand party but a casual get-together for dinner or lunch. It also allows you to interact with your friends and family member. Have you ever noticed that a wedding is a big arrangement and you are way too busy to sit and chat with your friends? If yes, then here is your opportunity to spend some time with your dear ones. Coming back to the arrangements, here is how you can plan a post-wedding party.

  1. Choose the type of Party

There are different kinds of parties hosted everywhere. When it comes to the post-wedding party, you need to decide the type of get-together you want to have. It can be a typical lunch or dinner party after the wedding day. Alternatively, you can plan a cocktail party as well or a party hosted in some resort or at home. You need to decide what kind of party you wish to host.

  1. The Guest List

As mentioned earlier, the guest list doesn’t have to be very long. You can invite your friends, colleagues, family members and the guests whom you forgot to invite for the wedding. Also, the guests who missed the special day of yours, they can be a part of it now. You don’t have to send some formal invitation, a phone invite or an invitation message over WhatsApp is enough.

  1. Choose the Venue

The venue depends on a lot of things. Firstly, you can host the party at your home if there are a few invites only. Else, you can book a restaurant, private homes, hotels, café, etc for hosting the party. If you wish to bear the burden of cleaning your home after the party, then you can host it at home, like a house party.

  1. The Decor

The décor can be simple or a theme or something out of the box which will make the party a grand one.  It is completely your choice and you need to decide. If you feel like having a theme-based party then you need a decorator and event manager to do the job. If it is a casual dinner party at home, better keep it simple.

  1. Figure out the Expenses

You just had your wedding and now you are gearing up for another party which has its own expenses, so you need to be precise about everything. It is not necessary to have a post-wedding party right after the wedding. You can plan it according to your budget after a few days or weeks. If you feel like, the expenses are too high for you to bear then split it up. Discuss it with your spouse and act accordingly. It doesn’t have to be a grand party, keep in mind that it can be a casual get-together. Further, if your friends or parents or grandparents wish to host the party, then that is amazing for you.

  1. Set a Time

Mention a time on the invitation message of the party. You simply can’t wait for the guests to arrive hours later when the party is about to end. It is best for you to host in the evening and carry it on till midnight. Else, you can also plan to start it by noon till evening, whichever is suitable for you.

  1. Prepare a Menu

Food is a basic necessity for every party and you need to be well prepared for it. You just cannot fall short or waste food so be accurate about it. Confirm which of your guests won’t be able to make it to the party so that there is no wastage of food. Further, if you are hosting the party at any restaurant then there is a menu available and the possibility of waste is low. Alternatively, you can set a menu and hire a cook to prepare them for the party.

  1. Cleaning Up

As mentioned before, cleaning up is a huge task and you won’t be able to do it alone. It is better to hire a cleanup crew who will do the job for you. No matter if you are hosting the party at home or at some private villa, a cleanup crew is always necessary. Although, this is not necessary if the event is hosted at some restaurant or café.

  1. Keep things simple

Unless you want to make the party look grand, you can keep things simple. You don’t have to throw a theme based party or plan some grand gesture for the guests as well. Let your guests feel free to come and go according to their will. Keep in mind that the party should be for people of all age groups and nobody gets bored with it. Nothing is better than a simple party where you meet and spend some great time with your friends and family.

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      10. Choose your Outfit

It is very important to choose the right outfit. It doesn’t have to be too gorgeous or too simple. Anything which makes you feel comfortable and appropriate for the party will do the job. Further, if you are planning to have a theme-based party then you must work on your outfit.