Common Fashion Tips for All Women

Do you know that we all make a few fashion mistakes on purpose and do not change till the time someone points them out? Common tips from the latest designers, fashion experts, and celebrities are an extra boost to your already strong sense of fashion. We still need extra validation from the experts, right?

We all read a lot of fashion magazines and articles about the latest trends. Only then we realize how we miss out on small details while the experts focus on those minute things. That is where all the difference is. For most of us, fashion means clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories. However, the truth is that fashion is a lot more than that.

Do you feel that it will be easier for you to follow fashion details perfectly if there is a list to remind you? Then, you are lucky because, in this article, we will list some of the best and simplest fashion tips for all women.

Common fashion tips

The following is a list of the common fashion tips that we tend to miss out on most of the time. As you already know, the minute details are what can make or break any look. So read the tips carefully and refer to these whenever you have to.

  1. be aware of your body

Each one of us is unique and so are our bodies. No two women around you will look the same or have the same features. However, people may have similar characteristics and based on that, we can categorize body types. The most common and basic body types are the apple shape, pear shape, the hourglass shape, and the rectangular shape.

You must know your body type as all the fashion that you follow depends on this. You are almost half-sorted if you are aware of your body’s shape. It helps you to understand what clothes suit you the best and what you should not wear.

  1. Good lingerie is a must

Next to the shape of your body comes the size f your bra. We see a lot of women around us who look weird due to the bra they wear. The correct bra is as essential as wearing anything else. A wrong bra cannot just make you look bad but also harms your breasts and your body. If your bra exerts pressure on a more sensitive part of your breasts, you need to change it.

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Wearing clothes is not enough, the correct intimates matter a lot as well. Invest a good portion of your budget and buy some good lingerie. You must look good from inside to look better from outside. Your lingerie is not just something that satisfies your taste but also can make or break a look. Additionally, you should know how to take care of your lingerie. You must know when and how to wash your lingerie to avoid a stinky smell because that will destroy your appearance.

  1. Never underestimate the classics

When we talk about classics, we mean your old pieces of denim, leather, trench, and jackets. You can purchase all the latest clothes but the classics can never go old. When you do not know what to wear, just team a basic white tee with the old denim pants and a denim jacket and you are looking gorgeous!

Such pieces of clothing justify the term ‘classics’ used for them. Wear them just like that or mix and match with some of your new clothes. They will surely steal the limelight wherever you go. Classics are no doubt timeless and you will want to wear them throughout the year. We are never out of options when we own classics.

  1. Invest in a pair of red pumps

We all wear all kinds of shoes starting from pumps to stilettoes, bellies and so much more. However, the best part about red pumps is that not a single pair of other shoes can match the class of these. You can wear red pumps for almost every look. The appeal of red pumps will make you look confident wherever you go.

  1. you can never go wrong with scarves 

They come in all sizes and materials and we can never have enough of them. The more we have the more we want again. There are woolen, cotton, net. Satin, linen and so many more textures for scarves.

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Also, it is not mandatory that you have to wear them only during the Fall or Winter season. There are scarves suitable for the Summer and Spring season too. Go for warm colors and materials for the Winters and rely on the lighter shades and floral prints during the summers.

  1. Denim forever

There are high-rise, boot-cut, baggy, boyfriend, drainpipes, straight-fit and so many more designs. Yes, they are all denim. How many types do you own? Splurge on denim and never regret as they are our best friends for our every day looks. Also, you can never go wrong with denim. Pieces of Denim are suitable for any occasion.

Be it a hip party, a movie with friends, a casual date or a spontaneous plan, denim can grace every event and occasion. Besides, denim can hardly get old. They are classics and you can own them for years. Wear them now as per the latest trends and wear the old ones to get a retro look. Which one do you love more?

  1. Understand colors

You may find this silly but you won’t believe what different colors can make. Make sure you are not wearing more than three colors at a time. It may not make sense to you at all, but you will look more stylish if you understand what colors to mix and match.

  1. Wash your clothes correctly

Washing clothes looks like a petty job to do but you must be careful while doing that. Never mix your white clothes with the colored ones if you do not want stains all over the whites. Also, do not put lingerie in the washer. You must wash delicates in a lower temperature setting and don’t forget to use a different detergent for all your woolens.

Final thoughts:

After going through all the tips, now you realize that wearing good clothes is not just enough. Knowing how to style yourself properly is what matters the most. You do not always need the most expensive garments to look your best.

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