Teeth Damaged or Completely Gone? Here Are the Dental Solutions for You

Poor oral hygiene or unfortunate accidents and illnesses can result in damaged teeth or loss of teeth. Fortunately, dental technology has made leaps and bounds in the last century and various solutions are available for teeth restoration.

Whether you are looking for braces Singapore, or want to explore dental veneers, you have tons of options, that were previously not there. Take braces for example. There are so many options in the market right now. You can go for metal ones, or plastic ones, or Invisalign depending on what you prefer and what your orthodontist suggests.

Rounded up below are the different dental solutions to consider for damaged or missing teeth:

For Damaged Teeth

Certain food like candies, carbonated drinks, and other junk food are known to damage teeth. Drinking alcohol and smoking also affect oral health, as do certain diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and stomach ulcers.

If you feel your teeth have been compromised and damaged, you can turn to the following dental solutions:

1. Dental Crown

This is a fantastic remedy for root canaled, as well as broken or chipped back teeth (molars). Dental crowns are covers or caps to prevent further damage. At the same time, they are also used for dental implants and dental bridges. Root canal and crown cost in every location is usually available online for comparison.

2. Dental Fillings

These are the traditional solutions to teeth damaged by cavities. Fillings prevent teeth from becoming hollow shells prone to breakage. Plus, they can likewise prevent further decay in a hollowed-out tooth.

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Filling materials are usually gold, silver amalgam, and tooth-colored plastic materials called composite resin fillings. However, gold and silver are the most durable.

3. Lumineers

These are really thin yet durable shells that conceal everything, including cracked or chipped front teeth. But not only that, lumineers are the secret behind Hollywood celebrity smiles; they correct teeth color, shape, and size, as well as improve teeth alignment. It helps to create a confident and positive self-image of yours.

Lumineers are similar to porcelain veneers, but they can be prepared in a single day. They also do not require the filing down of the teeth to which they will be attached. Therefore, should you want to remove them one day, you do not have to worry about the different appearance of your original teeth.

4. Porcelain Veneers

Veneers, as previously mentioned, are very similar to lumineers. They are thin, wafer-like shells that provide the same solution to damaged front teeth. The main differences between these and lumineers are that they are thicker than lumineers, and it takes weeks to prepare them.

They are considerably more durable, though, because they are thicker wafers attached to teeth. However, for the application of a veneer, the tooth to which it will be attached, as well as the teeth on either side, needs to be filed down slightly for a perfect fit. Porcelain veneers Melbourne are said to be one of the best and most durable.

For Lost Teeth

If you have missing teeth due to dental caries, an accident, or a medical condition, you need not worry because there are dental options for you to consider.

1. Bridges

Dental bridges are false teeth that take over the space of missing teeth. They are attached or anchored to surrounding teeth so they will stay securely in place. Bridges, however, only work if there are surrounding teeth and if there are enough gum and bone.

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2. Dentures

These come in partial and full versions. They are removable false teeth meant to replace missing teeth.

Dentures are made of acrylic resin that is frequently combined with a metal attachment. To keep dentures in place, a special adhesive or glue is used. Also, it is crucial that there’s enough gum for dentures to fit over. Otherwise, even with glue, they will not stay securely in place.

A known downside of wearing dentures, though, is it can lead to the wear-down of gum and jawbone —- meaning, gums noticeably recede much faster among denture wearers. This is the primary reason why dentures need to be replaced every several years.

3. Dental Implants

These are permanent and the most sophisticated solutions to lost teeth. They take more time to install and you need to meet more requirements for dental implants to be carried out. The advantage of dental implants is that they do not only replace missing teeth but also the roots.

Therefore, they feel and function like your original teeth. Replacing the roots are titanium posts attached into the bone sockets of the jaw. As for the teeth, they are typically what’s used for crowns or dentures, and in the shape, size, and hue you prefer.

The complete procedure for dental implants can take a considerably long time, though, and it’s the most expensive tooth replacement procedure as well. However, out of all these teeth restoration solutions, they are considered the most worthy investment because they will last you a lifetime.

So, if you have no intention of spending the rest of your life hesitating to smile, there are a variety of dental solutions you can choose from whatever your budget may be.