How to Remove Makeup

Makeup gives you that glossy and stunning face that you want to outshine every single person. However, removing all those layers is one hectic process. If not done correctly, you can have rashes on your face and more serious troubles that you cannot even imagine. In this article, we will discuss the appropriate ways about How to remove makeup from your face.

Have Patience and Take Your Time: You sure would have heard the Phrase ‘Patience Is Virtue.’  So, whenever you’re removing the makeup from your face, especially your eyes, take your time. Let the technology do its work by just applying the makeup remover. Have patience for a couple of minutes and let it sit for a while. The makeup remover softens the mascara liner and shadow, so whenever you’re going to wipe it, the makeup will be entirely removed at once. Giving the removed some time will always help you in the long term since you won’t be scrubbing your face. Remember rubbing your eyes will cause irritation, and that will lead to pimples and wrinkles, and trust me, don’t want that.

A Soap in a Day keeps a Doctor away

You used the makeup cleaner, and now you’re heading straight to bed, hah? Ladies, trust me, it’s a Big No-No. Makeup wipes only wipe your skin, and they don’t clean down. So, after using the makeup wipes, use the old-fashioned style that is still relevant even today: Yup, a Face wash, and some water. Apply the face wash gently on your face and let it do its magic, and then after gently your face with water and use a smooth towel to wipe your face again.

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Cleansing Oil is a Blessing in Disguise

You should understand every face wash is differently made for definite faces, so if you’re using the face wash to remove your makeup, it may lead to skin irritation. So what’s the answer to all your worries? You should opt a Cleansing Oil. If you’re having dry skin like me, you should opt for cleansing oil as it helps in removing the stubborn eyeliners and mascara without giving rashes. Cleansing oils got a nourishing power that allows you while cleaning sensitive areas with no or less irritation. After applying Cleansing Oil, rewash your face, so your face doesn’t look more oily while you’re going to bed.

Micellar Water can do wonders

Never forget those fashion icons that ramp walks in front of you or those fashion icons which look so glossy. So what they use to look so dashing? High-Quality Micellar water. Micellar water doesn’t act as a cleanser; instead, it helps the skin to remain hydrated, so whenever you’re trying to remove your makeup with a cleanser, it will be easily removed.

Use Toner Right after the Cleansing

Using a Toner will be like hitting the last nail in the coffin. It would wipe out all the stubborn makeup marks from your body. Moreover, It only takes a minute to do it. Saturate a cotton pad with few drops of it and apply gently on your skin.

Don’t forget the Pollution

Always remember you’re not just removing makeup from your body, you’re removing all the harmful impurities that you got from the hectic day from your body. Always choose that cleanser that fights not only with makeup impurities but also pollution. Dust and Charcoal is one of the major enemies of our daily life and choosing a cleaner that won’t only fight makeups, but even infection is the best option for you.

Don’t forget the Lip Color

Yeah, we know till the night all that lip color mostly would be worn off, but you can’t leave it like that way. Don’t use just another cleanser to remove that lip color as may to side effects; instead, use micellar water to remove the lip color texture.

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Don’t be too Harsh to your Skin

Don’t just hurry away and run from every single thing as fast as possible. As we said earlier, Give time to your skin and your body. Be gentle with it. Don’t just scrub and use cleanser same time. Do everything gently, and that will help you in a very effective way.

Steam to the Rescue

Here’s a secret – If you use steam to heat your face for a couple of minutes it can help in wonders, like seriously. The steam heat will open your skin pores, and thereby whenever you will use a cleanser, and it will easily remove dirt and stubborn makeup from your face and body.

Just Avoid Baby Wipes

We have seen personally many girls using baby wipes, and whenever we ask them why they are using a baby wipe, they answer ‘well they are sensitive to babies so they must be sensitive to us too.’ NO, That’s not at all the case, ladies. Just stop using them, please!

Don’t You Ever Forget the Hairline

Ah, the good old hairline, more than 70% of us forget to remove makeup from the hairline part. By giving just a couple seconds to your beautiful hairline will help you to fight clogged pores and help you wonder. So never forget to apply cleanser, there too.

Did you forget to moisturize your skin? After doing every single step of removing the makeup, you should always remember to apply moisturizer to your face and body. Since you used the cleanser and face wash, they washed away your clogged pores in your skin, but that led you to open pores. So never forget to moisturize the front and the surface as the moisturizer will close those open pores of the body.

So always remember whenever you’re using makeup on your skin, your work is not just finished, and it just got started ladies.

These are few ways to remove makeup from your skin, and if followed well, it can help you in a very effective way. Make sure to follow it every time you come home after a party.