Tips to Maintain Your Nail

Fingernails are something that we all care about. Fingernails are very important for our bodies, and we should take care of our nails. Fingernails are generally composed of laminated layers of a protein known as keratin, which is grown from the base of our nail from the cuticle. Durable nails are usually sharp, and they don’t often have any grooves in them. Healthy nails have identical color and thickness and are free of any scar or defect. It is seen that some of the times, some nails start to develop harmless abrupt ridges from the cuticle to the top of the nail. These uneven ridges become more central during the intervals. Sometimes you see white lines grown out from your fingernails; this is because of some sports injuries, and they heal up after the nail is fully grown out.

It would help if you took proper care of your fingernails as they are essential to regulate body temperature. If you think that nail condition is that normal, you should consult your nearest doctor or even a dermatologist. You should consult a doctor as soon as possible when you see: –

  • Your nail color is slightly changed, and you see some defects on your nail. It would be best if you considered a doctor when you see some dark patch under your nails.
  • You should consult a doctor when you see nail shaped has changed considerably, and now your fingernails are slightly looking curl.
  • The weakening of your nails.
  • If you see that your nail has separated from your skin
  • You should consult a doctor when you start to see some bleeding around your nails.
  • When you start to see some swelling around your nails
  • If your nail is not growing out gently.

Furthermore, we will tell you about things you should consider and things you should not perform to take care of your fingernails.

Things You Should Consider

  1. You Should Keep Your Nails Dry and Clean: 

    If you keep your nails dry and clean regularly, it will prevent the bacteria from growing under your nails. Also, if you wash your nails repeatedly from water, it will harm your nails. You should always wear cotton made gloves whenever you are cleaning dishes or using any other harmful chemicals to protect your nails.

  2. Exercise and Maintain Optimum Finger Nail Hygiene: 

    You should try always to use Scissors or Nail Clippers to trim out your nails, and then you should smooth your nail’s curve very gently with the help of clippers.

  3. Always Moisturize Your Nails: 

    Whenever you are using a moisturizer to moisturize your skin, you should rub your lotion into your nails and cuticles too.

  4. Pertain to A Defensive Layer: 

    Another way to protect your nails is by applying a nail hardener that will surely consolidate your fingernails.

  5. Refer Your Doctor Regarding Biotin: 

    A study has revealed that if you want to strengthen your weak or frail nails, you should opt for nutritional biotin.

Things You Should Not Follow

To keep your nail hygiene better, you should not practice:

  1. Don’t Bite Your Nails: 

    You should never bite your nails or cuticles as they damage the nail bed. Even you get a minor scratch, any bacteria or fungi can enter into your nails and can cause infection.

  2. Don’t Pile Out Hangnails: 

    You should never pile out your hangnails as they can tear apart a living tissue along with your hangnails. Instead, it would be best if you used a clipper to remove the hangnail carefully.

  3. Don’t Use Products That Are Harmful to Your Fingernails: 

    You should limit yourself from using nail polish remover. If you want to polish your nail, you should use a remover which has an acetone-free formula.

  4. Don’t Underestimate Any Problems Relating to Your Nails: 

    You should never underestimate any problems relating to nail hygiene. When you see that your nail problem is not going away quickly or getting worse day by day, you must consider a doctor or a dermatologist as soon as possible.

Now we will provide you some Nail Hygiene tips that will surely help you a lot. So, check them out too –

Nail Hygiene Tips You Should Follow

  • Always Keep Your Hands Clean: 

    You should still understand this fact that before doing anything, you should make sure that your fingernails and cuticles are dirt-free. After that, use acetone-free nail polish remover to wipe out all the traces of any color as it can dry up your nail. A quick hack we can provide you is: use soap on to a toothbrush to scrub your nails and skin. With this hack, you can easily remove any dirt and exfoliate any dead skin apart from your nail and cuticle without using any harmful chemicals.

  • Be Delicate on Your Nails: 

    You need to understand that your nails are gentle, and if you scrub too harshly, it can lead to nail infection. Another thing that you must follow is that you should not use any metal related tools under your fingernails as too much digging can separate your nail plate from your skin, which can cause a disease called onycholysis. It is a widespread dilemma in older people. Too much nail digging can also lead to irregularly shaped nails and a sharp nail tip.

  • Regularly Clip Out Your Fingernails: 

    Another essential factor to maintain your nail hygiene is to clip them at regular intervals. Nails are like your hair, and hence they need clipping timely too. So, it would be best if you cut your nails every two weeks, adjusting to the fact of how often your nails are growing.

  • Nail Health Is More Important Than Your Nail Length: 

    Yes, we do understand that long nails look beautiful, but if you are one of the people that struggle with snags, we recommend you to keep your fingernails short. A short fingernail having a round edge will be easier to manage, and it will even look neat and clean. So, you don’t need to worry about the fact that your nail can be broken, and you can easily focus on your work.

So, these were some nail hygiene tips you must follow to be in excellent and pink health.

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