Top 6 Formal Dress Styles for Your Prom

Prom is just around the corner and you are probably thinking of a dress to make that dreamy and glamorous appearance at prom. Sometimes the hunt for that perfect prom dress can be borderline overwhelming because there are lots and lots of options to choose from.  When out shopping for a prom dress, picking something that will accentuate your body figure is important. You want a dress that will not only highlight your best features but also give you confidence on your special day. Not to worry, here are 6 formal dress styles to help make your hunt for that perfect dress a lot easier.

  1. The A-line dress

This type of dress easily complements a variety of body types. It is a popular prom dress choice because it helps girls achieve that ultra-feminine silhouette look that almost every girl at prom wishes to go for. They are naturally narrower at the top then flare gently as it goes down to the hemline giving you a lot of dancing room all night long. If you consider yourself a pear-shaped girl, then you will find this type of dress forgiving around your hip area. On the other hand, petite girls would rock this dress in midi-lengths to help them achieve an illusion of volume and height and achieving a slim look for rounded body type girls. 

  1. The Slipdress

Whether you are looking for a slip or spaghetti dress for prom, you should know that these dresses are one of the timeless classics. For that reason, they are forever and fashion and you can almost never go wrong with them. Not forgetting the delicate straps that will just add to their flair and appeal. You can choose to infuse the modern trends with a touch of classic design to give you an overall luxurious and stunning look. You can finish your outfit with some inspiring bow detailing, animal prints or luxury earrings to add more beauty to your dress.

  1. The Jumpsuit
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A jumpsuit dress is one of those dresses that you can show up with almost anywhere and no girl doesn’t love a jumpsuit. They can be rocked on different occasion including weddings, bridal showers and prom! They are a nice option for prom because they are easy to wear and amazingly comfortable for a whole night of dancing and making memories. They come in different fabrics, colours and fits-it is just up to you to make up your mind and go for it. You can effortlessly pull a stunning, figure-flattering but comfortable look with a jumpsuit. You can choose from a variety of jumpsuit choices including off shoulder, long-sleeved or strapless with other incredible choices.

  1. The Two-piece

If you are looking to display your unique fashion sense, a youthful two-piece dress would just be the perfect fit for you. You can achieve different striking looks with a two-piece dress. You can make a splash with a fully-beaded two-piece or take a chance and get you a two-piece with a short one with strappy open back or vibrant floral-print skirts with illusion-lace tops. There are a number of options you can explore to ensure that you find a dress that not only fits your style but with the prom theme too.

  1. The Mermaid Gown

There is nothing that beats the timeless elegance that a mermaid gown exudes. It is one of the most excellent dress choices you can make for your prom. These dresses are designed to accentuate your body profile. You can go for a long mermaid dress with cascades with pleated, ruffled or sheer trains to achieve a sophisticated classic mermaid look. You can enhance your classic mermaid look with some embellishments and elaborate designs. They are a definition of chic and grace, perfect to make an unforgettable appearance at prom. These dresses are popular for designers, you could rent one for a fraction of the retail price on a site like The Volte.

  1. A short dress
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Long dresses are the traditional go-to dresses for prom. You can choose to go the short dress way and break out from the norm. Short dresses are not only budget-friendly but are often very comfortable. This means that you can dance freely and move around without worry. If you have just the perfect shoes for prom, rock them with a short dress and let everyone see you dazzle under the strobe slights. You will stand out because most girls will go for the traditional long dresses. Short dresses are ultimately versatile, meaning you can wear them again and again to different occasions, not just prom. You can check out cocktail dresses for hire in Sydney for more ideas of the kind of dress that will suit your personality.

No matter what style you chose, it is important to have fun at your prom. Feel confident in a dress that suits your personal style, whether it is long, short, two-piece or something entirely different.