Buying Diamond Earrings: A Simple Guide

When you need to finish off an outfit, diamond earrings are a great choice. They add a little sparkle, while still being understated and stylish, and are the sort of thing that never goes out of fashion. Diamond earrings aren’t cheap, they are an investment piece, so it’s important not to buy them on a whim and to choose ones that’ll be worn again and again. Here’s an article about buying diamond earrings. 

Set a budget

The first thing to do is think about how much you might want to spend, so you can look for earrings within your price range. Browse stores both online and in person, and you’ll get a good idea of how much you’ll need to spend to get the style you want. 

Choosing the right cut

Like diamond rings, earrings can come in a number of different cuts, including:

  • Round cut – This is one of the most popular diamond cuts, especially when it comes to diamond cut earrings. The round cut allows for maximum brilliance, so you get a sparkly and classic look
  • Princess cut – Another cut that allows for lots of sparkle, princess cut studs are square
  • Cushion cut – This is a square cut with more rounded edges, allowing for a softer look
  • Marquise cut – One of the more expensive cuts of diamond, marquise is an oval shape with sharp ends
  • Pear cut – This can be a tricky cut to find in earrings, as it’s hard to find two diamonds that can be cut into perfectly matching pear shapes. While they look beautiful, pear cut earrings are expensive
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The style

When you think of diamond earrings, you probably picture diamond studs, which are understated and look great with both casual and formal outfits. However, you can choose a number of different styles, from statement earrings to diamond hoops, teardrops or huggies. 

the style

You aren’t just limited to non-coloured diamonds either. The dangly styles look great when diamonds are combined with coloured gemstones, or you could opt for something modern like pink diamonds, which you can see here: This creates a real statement piece which you’ll no doubt get lots of compliments on.

Solitaire or cluster?

Some of the pricier diamond earrings tend to be solitaires, as you are basically buying two diamonds which need to be the exact same cut, shape and clarity, which is a challenge for any jeweller. Most people with solitaires tend to opt for small stones and get a neat, minimalistic look.  

One way to bring the price down is to go for diamond cluster earrings, which are made up of groups of small stones. You still get diamonds, and plenty of sparkle, but at a lower price. Another option that can be less expensive are halo earrings, which use a single stone at the centre, surrounded by smaller stones, which has become a popular style in recent years.  

When you buy diamond earrings, there are lots of style options available, so you can pick a pair that suits you and you’ll wear for years to come.