10 shoes that all men should own

When we try to talk about fashion our mind generally tends to go towards shirts, blazers, pants, jeans and even accessories like chains, bracelets or wristwatches. But the most important thing that we often neglect or do not deem as important is shoes. You might think that shoes are not important because when we meet someone, our clothes or accessories are those things that become highlighted, not shoes. Now we can break your illusion by rightly saying that shoes are as important as clothes if not more.  Your whole can be flushed to the toilet if they are not paired with the right pair of shoes. That is why we will talk about those 10 shoes that all men should have in their shoe collection.

Things to keep in mind about shoes:

First thing you need to remember that if you want to buy shoes that are going to last and also fashionable, then my friend, you have to opt for some pricy shoes. You can go with cheap or economic clothes or accessories but in the case of shoes, you must go for quality. Next thing is that we will give you the types of shoes in such an order that if you buy those shoes in that same order then it will be profitable for you. So without further delay, let’s dive into the matter.

  • Office formal shoes:

You are an adult man means you have a job. You have to go to your office every day. Sometimes you have to attend corporate meetings. Even if you go to any formal parties then office formal shoes will be the best option for you. You can opt for black or brown office formal shoes. But I would advise black formal shoes. Why? The answer is simple. Black is the type of colour which you can pair with any coloured trousers. You can pair it with brown, blue, grey or even black trouser.

  • Gym shoes:

Again I will personally suggest black and sturdy gym shoes. If you opt for white gym shoes and you wear it to jog outside then your white shoe will be ruined. But in the case of black gym shoes, you can use it for indoor gym purposes and also for outdoor jogging or running purposes. So, if you go for some running or jogging outside the gym then wearing this same black shoe will be of no problem.

  • Sneakers:

Now sneakers are very important because apart from formal places if you want to carry a casual sporty look then sneakers are your only option. You can pair your sneakers with jeans or chinos or t-shirts easily. In the case of sneakers, you can opt for two colours; navy blue sneakers and black sneakers. It is so because only these two sneakers go with almost every coloured jeans or chinos. For college students, such sneakers will be the best option.

  • White sneakers:

Yes! We have separated white sneakers from sneakers because if you have black and blue sneakers and if your budget permits only then you can opt for white sneakers.  Quality white sneakers are very pricy. You also have to properly maintain it because of being white coloured it easily gets filthy. Wearing these sneakers should only be restricted to parties where walking is very limited not to colleges or functions. Once the white sneakers are ruined they are very hard to restore in the previous condition.

  • Black loafers:

Loafers are becoming trendy day by day. Loafer shoes can be of two types; with heel and without a heel. I personally deem loafers with a heel as the most convenient because those loafers can also be used in formal places like offices and also in informal places like parties. Again if you opt for black loafers then you can pair it with almost every type of clothes.

  • Brogues:

Brogues are those types of shoes on which carry some designs on it. Mostly it is made with leathers. The most amazing thing with brogues is that you can have a killer look with a pair of dark brown brogues both at your office and also some disco parties.

  • Monkstraps:

Monk straps are those types of shoes that have straps like belts on them. Monkstraps are of two types; Single monk straps that have single straps on it and double monk straps that have two straps on it. Monk straps are very fancy and of course, very pricy formal shoes which you can wear both at parties and offices.

  • Light coloured loafers:

Well! We have again separated light coloured loafers from other general loafers because only after buying black loafers you can opt for light coloured loafers. Light coloured loafers are for daytime. These light coloured loafers are called tan coloured. Again brown tan coloured shoes are versatile like black coloured loafers because again you can wear them with almost any coloured trousers or shorts.

  • Coloured gym shoes:

Now only if have completed the above-mentioned quota of shoes and you still have money in your hand, then you can opt for coloured gym shoes. The gym is such a place where you can be fashionable if you want to. It enhances your look, there is no doubt in that. If you opt for white athletes styled shoes, then nowadays it is trending in gym fashion.

  • Brown formal shoes:

Now if you go to your work or office every day with the same black formal office shoes then it will become dull for you. So, again if your budget permits and you have completed the quota of the above-mentioned shoes then you can go for brown office formal shoes. Now if the dress code of your workplace is very strict and you have to wear formal shoes every day then you can put brown formal shoes in priority number two or three. Brown formal shoes are important if you want to look sexy in your office and want to bring versatility in your regular look.

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So guys, at least now you have understood how shoes are important for your look. So try to upgrade your shoe collection immediately.