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You may be wondering, how to choose a waist belt that suits me? What should I pay attention to when first contacting these products?

clothes of feelingirldress

Most of the waist trainer products currently on the market are composed of composite fabrics, cotton, polyester, nylon, steel bone, whalebone, fish scale bone, and so on. The common styles are generally buckled style, snap button style, and so on.

clothes of feelingirldress

The quality or inferior material used in the waistband product has an important influence on the wearing comfort, line feeling and corset effect of the final product. why would you say this? For example, when you buy a low-quality corset product, sweat is not easy to absorb and volatilize when it is worn plastic in summer, and it is easy to breed bacteria and cause itching. When wearing plastic in winter, inferior metal materials can easily cause wear and tear on clothing. Therefore, pay special attention to the composition of the material when choosing waist products.

As mentioned, material and style are important factors that affect your choice of the waistband. When choosing corset products, you need to have a price list and selection criteria in mind.

clothes of feelingirldress

Generally, to buy corset products, we have to do the following three steps!

One smell, two touches. 

What is one smell?  

In fact, it can be understood from the literal meaning. Everyone who buys clothes and furniture, etc., will smell whether the goods have a peculiar smell. Generally speaking, regular products with a little peculiar smell are normal, but the peculiar smell is particularly heavy, and the products that are washed repeatedly, you must pay special attention to it, it is likely to be composed of some low-grade fabrics or have been stacked for time. Long time causes odor.

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What is the two touches? 

What and how to touch? First, touch the small metal of the waist buckle, and gently touch it with your fingertips to feel whether your hands are scratched. Inferior metal will scratch or hurt your fingers when you buckle. Second, touch the overall material of the waistband to feel whether the fabric is soft and elastic. Cotton and nylon fabrics feel soft and comfortable right away, while other low-quality materials feel rough and hard to the touch.

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