Chrome web store- a brief guide about all the basics of the web store

Do you know where you can find all the apps, extensions, or the chrome web store themes? It is none other than Google Chrome web store. Moreover, this is an internet site where you can find all these, and these are designed to be accessible from the Google Chrome browser. So, there are around 120 million people who are using this browser. Plus there is a myriad of features that are offered by the Chrome web store along with the apps. However, few of the apps are available for the free chrome web store to download, while a few are premium. Therefore, you have to pay and buy the apps to use. Besides, you can search for the themes, apps, and extensions and install them into the browser. 

All about the Chrome web store

Organization of the web store

When you land on the Chrome web store, you can use the keywords or key phrases to search for the apps, themes, and extensions or search by categories in the inventory. Besides, every add-on has a specific page along with the description of the features and the functionality. Plus, you can download the add-ons from this page. Therefore, after using the add-on, you can write the reviews or read the reviews left by the existing users to learn about their experience using it.


There are different types of apps that you can find in the Chrome web store related to entertainment, technology, healthcare, groceries, banking, and the list goes on. Besides, each app would open on a different page, searching through the store or from the search engine. Plus, the apps are segregated based on the category.

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Extensions and themes

Using the chrome web store, you can add extensions and chrome web store themes to give you a personalized Chrome interface. Moreover, your friends will be amazed to see the new interface which they do not have. Besides, the extensions are widely used to perform a specific activity. For instance, the Google notes are an extension, which would send you the alert notification whenever you receive an email when you add to the chrome. Therefore, the wide variety of themes would improve the browser’s aesthetic appeal and let you change as per your taste.


There are many options available for the publishers to make their app or extension available to the end-users. If you want to showcase the app or extension in the proper format, there is a procedure that a publisher has to follow while publishing. If you are releasing the new version of an existing app, you can update the metadata file and move the Chrome web store application in no time. However, you need to follow the instructions that are set by chrome.

Login using Gmail to add apps, themes, and extensions to Google chrome

Users can only download the apps and add themes and extensions to the chrome after logging in with the Gmail credentials. Without logging in using their Google account, one cannot count the extensions or themes or have chrome web store download

Steps to access the Developer’s Dashboard

Here is how you can access the Developer’s dashboard:

Specify the in the web address field and create an account on Google. You can use the same credentials to log in. You will have two versions, one with which you can access the Gmail, and the other is that you can access the Google apps account.

The approval process for apps to upload in the store

When you have developed an app and want to make it available to the Chrome web store users, you first have to go through the manual review process conducted by the Google team. In a few cases, the process would be under automation. While in a few other cases, there is a manual review process that you have to go through before publishing an app on the web-store. The process can, as per the program policies. If the app is sensitive, then there is a lengthy process that you have to go through to review and approval.

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Ranking of items on the web store

The items that are in the store are arranged based on the quality of the content. The ranking also depends on the ratings given by the users and statistics such as the number of downloads and the number of uninstalled apps. Few other factors that are considered by the web store while ranking the apps and showing them on the top include – visually appealing to the eyes, provides the purpose of using the application clearly, the setup process is simple, and the application is more accessible for users to use.

Installing and managing the apps and extension in the Chrome web store

It is simple for you to install the apps from the Google Chrome web store. You can also keep track of the apps that you have installed and uninstalled unwanted apps.

Installing an app

  • Go to the Chrome web store
  • Search for the app that you want to use and select the appropriate one.
  • Click Add to Chrome to add the app. 


  • If the app is a paid one, you will go to the payment gateway, where you have to make the payment for the app to buy and use.
  • You can uninstall the app by using the Remove from Chrome option. A message prompts you to remove the app. Click Remove. 

Installing an app on the mobile phone

You must sign in with the Google account if you have not signed in.

Browse and search for the app you would like to use

Tap Add to desktop to add the app to your desktop system. When you open the chrome on your desktop system, you would see the app being added to the chrome remotely.

Installing the extensions 

You can add an extension to the Chrome browser by following the below procedure.

Installing an extension with Chrome web store

  1. Go to the Chrome web store.
  2. Search for the appropriate extension and click Add to Chrome.

Few extensions would ask you for the permission. Ensure only to add trustworthy attachments. 

Managing an extension

Open Google Chrome

Click the hamburger icon and navigate to Tools Extension.

Modify these changes:

  • Turn-ON/OFF: You can use this option to turn ON/OFF the extensions whenever you want.
  • Allow incognito: You can access the extension even when you are accessing in the Incognito mode.
  • Fix corruptions: If you find any corrupted extension, click Repair and confirm the Repair by clicking on Repair extension.

These are the basics you must learn about the Chrome web store.