Here Is Greenwich Menu, Overload Pizzas, Best Sellers, And Everything About Greenwich Pizza

Have you ever heard of Greenwich Pizza? If yes, then you may be wondering what is there in the Greenwich menu for you? This article is all about the Greenwich Pizza chain serving people in the Philippines. It is one of the most famous and popular pizza chains that prepares, gives, and delivers pizza in the Philippines. Therefore, in this article, I will discuss the Greenwich profile, menu, food delivery, and everything customers need to know about it. Without getting delayed, let us discuss the Greenwich menu and updates.

When Greenwich Served First Dish?

Cresida Tueres founded Greenwich Pizza in 1971. It was over a counter pizzas store that she established in Greenhills Commercial Center. It was the first store that served the customers and satisfied them. It did it by their offers of delicious dishes and varieties. It was the beginning of a super exciting journey for Cresida Tueres to start this business as a pizzas chain. Therefore, she thought about growing branches for this business when the first store succeeded.

How Greenwich Became Pizzas Chain?

I have already discussed that Cresida Tueres opened the first store in 1971. Once it succeeded, she did not make any delays in making this business running on beaches to expand. So, Cresida Tueres grew this business nu making 50 branches of pizzas store by the year 1994. It made an impact on the local market, and these stores were making huge profits. 

Jollibee Foods Corporation:

When these stores reached 50 in the count, Jollibee Foods Corporation kept its eyes on its growth for this business. At that time, it understood the potential of this business. Jollibee Foods Corporation is the fast-food juggernaut of the Philippines. When it understood the potential, it bought 80% shares of Greenwich Pizza and turned it into a Jollibee menu.

After that, this business was being handled by experienced teams. Those teams helped this business growing as a chain of pizzas and pasta.

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What Is The Secret Of The Success Of Greenwich Pizza?

When You choose your favorite dishes from Greenwich Pizza, you will find the same taste in each order at all its stores. It is the first step to see success for this chain of pizzas and pasta stores.

They designed packaging, media marketing campaigns, ads for new pizzas to introduce the flavors, and many more things to impact the market. At that time, Greenwich brand had only 53 stores, but it could double its sales thanks to their efforts, marketing strategies, campaigns, and packaging.

What Is Best In Greenwich Menu?

Don’t forget that Greenwich stands for pizzas, and it has mastery in making pizzas delicious. Their pizzas contain many ingredients in excessive amounts. The pizzas they prepare are laid excessively with toppings. Therefore, Greenwich named those pizzas as overload pizzas.

However, a person who needs to taste everything at Greenwich can try the famous ultimate meaty overload pizza.  This pizza comes with premium toppings of onions, bell peppers, black olives, and pineapple chunks that have sprinkled over six different kinds of meat. Everything is covered with a cheezy tomato base. 

The Greenwich menu has a great range of pizzas with plenty of delicious toppings to taste. So, let us discuss the menu items that you can see at Greenwich Pizza.

Following Is Greenwich’s Menu To Choose Your Favorite Dishes:

At Greenwich Pizza, you will see the latest menu because they update it from time to time. So, here is the latest-menu according to the customers. 

Note:- all prices shown below are in Pilipino currency.

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  1. Hawaiian Overload at 240.
  2. Ultimate Overload Meaty at 274.
  3. Bacon Overload at 274.
  4. All Meat Overload at 274.
  5. Veggies & Cheeze Overload at 241.
  6. Extreme Overload at 241.
  7. Pepperoni at 165.
  8. Ham & Cheese at 165.
  9. Ham & pineapples at 165.


  1. Lasagna Supreme at 113.
  2. Tuna Lasagna Supreme Snack Size at 94.
  3. Creamy Bacon Carbonara at 123.
  4. Spaghetti Supreme at 66.
  5. Lasanga Supreme Pan at 512.
  6. Creamy Bacon Carbonara Pan at 512.

Spaghetti Supreme Pan at 292.

Solo Meals:

  1. One Lasanga Chicken Plate at 165.
  2. One Tuna Lasanga Chicken Plate at 165.
  3. One Chicken Favorite at 221.
  4. One Chicken Favorite and Pizza Slice at 154.
  5. One Chicken Favorite with One Lasanga at 174.
  6. One Carbonara Chicken Pan Plate at 165.
  7. One Spaghetti Chicken Plate at 149.
  8. One PCE Crunchy Chicken and Rice at 94.
  9. Two PCE Crunchy Chicken and Rice at 165.

Group Meals:

  1. Two Pizza & Four Snack Pasta at 599.
  2. Two Pizzas & Five Snack Pasta & One Large Potato Waves at 799.
  3. Two Pizzas & Two Pasta & 6 Crunchy Chicken at 999.
  4. Two Pizzas & Six Pasta & Six Crunchy Chicken at 1299.
  5. One XL Size Pizza & Eight Snack Pasta & Eight PCE Crunchy Chicken at 1599.

Side & Deserts:

  1. One Chicken and Waves at 296.
  2. One Potato Waves at 43.
  3. One Cheesy Bread Sticks at 47.
  4. One Crunchy Fried Chicken at 281.
  5. One dipper at 50.


  1. 1.25 L Drink at 99.
  2. One Slush at 61.
  3. One Coke Can, at 55.


  1. One Overload Trio Of Pizza at 499.
  2. One Pizza and Chicken Trio at 499.
  3. One Pizza and Lasanga Trio at 499.
  4. One Overloaded Delicious Duo Pizza at 699.
  5. One Delicious Duo of Overloaded and Classic Combo at 599.
  6. One Delicious Duo of Classic Pizzas at 499.

What Makes The Menu Of Greenwich Pizza A Special One?

I have already discussed that Greenwich updates its menu from time to time, and I have given the latest menu that customers have seen at Greenwich. It happened thanks to Greenwich, which upstates and changes its menu very frequently and periodically to meet the expectations and tastes desired for local customers. It makes the Greenwich menu a special one because they give customers more than they expected and imagined. That’s why I have listed above the updated and latest menu they are offering to their customers in 2020.

What Customers Say About Greenwich Pizza?

Most customers who have taken their lunch, dinner, and snacks at Greenwich Pizza suggested other people visit these stores once. Most customers have suggested trying food from Greenwich Pizza. It includes foods like sides and beverages. Customers also recommended tasting pizza meals, pasta Chicken combo, and value meals. Some customers have suggested tasting bestsellers, classic pizzas, and Overloaded Pizzas at Greenwich.

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What Are The Best Sellers Of Greenwich Pizza?

  • You may have heard about best sellers, somewhere else on the internet, like e-books, books, and products. But do I mean by using the words BEST SELLERS of Greenwich Pizza? It’s simple. There are two dishes or say pizzas which are most famous and have become best sellers of Greenwich Pizza.
  • The first is Pepperoni Overload Pizza that gives a pure experience of fresh and pure meat and cheese. Each bite of this pizza contains pepperoni slices and choose. 
  • The second one is Extreme Cheese Overload Pizza. It is simple but gives you the sensational experience of pizzas by oozing tasty cheese like mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan, and many more.
  • Because of the excessive use of yummy and healthy ingredients, Greenwich Pizzas became best sellers. Some customers also said that Hawaiian Overload Pizza is also a best seller of Greenwich Pizza. These Pizzas have cheddar, mozzarella, sweet pineapples, ham, and bacon as core ingredients.

Greenwich Food Delivery:

There are so many restaurants and stores that provide food delivery services, and food delivery has boosted as a part of life after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, if you want to get everything that Greenwich Pizza offers to you as an in-store menu, you can order them. All you need to do is to make a phone call on the hotline number #5-55-55. You can also choose to order through a website that allows you to select your comfortable online payment options, paying cash on delivery, or swapping your card.

What Is Pizza Promos @ Greenwich Pizza?

  • When you order this dish, you will get two different overload pizzas, plus four to five pasta dishes with eight crunchy chicken. 
  • However, there is the smallest bundle available, providing Hawaiian Overload Pizza and three crunchy chicken rice meals. But, if you choose the larger one, you get 15 inches crust overload pizza, some pasta dishes, and eight crunchy chicken. 
  • Considering Delicious Duo gives a classic pizza, overload pizza, or overloaded trio of three pizzas of nine inches. You can order a Lasanga and Pizza trio that gives Hawaiian Overload Pizza, three Lasanga Supreme of snack size, Dippers.

How Many People Enjoyed Ar Greenwich Pizza?

Whether you believe it or not, but many people have given their honest reviews on Twitter about Greenwich Pizza. Lots of people have loved and enjoyed taking their snack, lunch, and dinner at Greenwich Pizza.

Final Thoughts:

Have you seen the updated Greenwich menu? If you have not visited Greenwich Pizza, but you live in the Philippines, you must come to take meals here. Try one of the promos, best sellers, and overload pizzas, but do not forget to share your honest opinions and reviews about Greenwich Pizza.

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