What Are Microneedle Devices? How To Use Microneedle Pen Professionally At Your Home?

Are you conscious about your skin? If you decided to take care of your skin, you must have come across the word micro-needling and microneedle pen. In the micro-needling process, a micro-needling device helps in the skincare routine. Most of the devices or micro-needling roller helps to plump up your skin to make it better than before. In simple words, micro-needling is known as the derma roller procedure. It uses small needles to help you to prick the skin. By selecting this treatment, people can have new collagens and skin tissues to get smoother, firmer, and toned skin.

What Are Micro-needling Devices?

To treat various scars, wrinkles, large pores, and other unwanted texture of your face, you can use micro-needling devices. If you want to consider skin needling either professionally by taking services and facilities or if you wish to do skin needling at your home, I would like to say that there are many options available for you. Each device comes with uniqueness and different functionality. Let me quickly give you an example of various micro-needling devices.

  • Manual Roller
  • Manual Stamp Or Pen
  • Electric Stamp Or Pen

All these devices can give impressive results in most cases. However, an electric microneedle pen can provide a fine texture and good outcomes. Let us understand the functionality of micro-needling devices.

Basics Of Micro-needling Procedure:

If you have heard about a skincare procedure that is minimum use of invasive cosmetic procedures, then it is none other than the micro-needling process. Some professionals call it collagen induction therapy. People want to use micro-needling treatment to reduce the appearance of acne, scars, and stretch marks. Some people think micro-needling is helpful in hair loss, but it is not. A person with good health, a good skin texture, and one who does not have responded to home treatment is the ideal candidate for micro-needling. You can use micro-needling before considering cosmetic surgery because it is one which can prevent cosmetic surgery.

The Cost Of Micro-needling:

By using derma-pen, micro-needling will cost from $100 to $700 for a single session. But, in general, the average cost will be $300/session.

How Micro-needling Works?

Have you heard about micro-needling that it does not work? You may have questions in your mind before you decide to use a microneedle pen. Isn’t it? Yes, but don’t worry. It works because it encourages your skin to produce more collagen. In this procedure, your skin gets a little injured by pinpricks. Thus, it gives a response to the formation of new collagen-rich tissues. When new skin comes, it comes with a better tone, texture, and appearance. So, a person gets firmer, smoother, and a good skin texture.

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Understanding Micro-needling:

In this treatment, doctors will make small pricks under your skin with some devices or tools like a pen that we call a microneedle pen. When doctors make pricks, one can not see them with naked eyes because they are small. After that, the doctor moves tools across the skin so that new coming skin can have an even texture. 

Doctors will use anesthesia that reduces the chances of pain. Generally, doctors give anesthesia before an hour of treatment. After that, doctors may use to apply a serum or calming treatment to ease the treatment. So, a person needs to be at the clinic for a couple of hours. The micro-needling procedure targets acne scars, age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, other types of scars from scars-thours.-source, reduced skin elasticity, uneven skin tone, and stretch marks.

Does Micro-needling Have Side-Effects?

Do not forget that it is cosmetic surgery or treatment like any other cosmetic procedure. So, there are some risks. There is a risk of skin irritation just after the completion of treatment. There will be redness that stays for a few days. However, if there are several side-effects, you have to contact your doctors immediately. Some of the major issues you might face and have to call your doctors to include bleeding, bruising, infection, peeling. 

There are signs that you can not be an ideal candidate if you are pregnant, having skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema, having an open wound, and any other facial issues. 

What Should You Expect From Micro-needling?

While considering micro-needling with the help of a microneedle pen, you can say that micro-needling is not plastic surgery. Hence, you can recover from this surgical procedure in a minimum time. You have to accept that there will be some skin irritations and redness for a few days. There will be small injuries to your skin and face due to this treatment.

You can get back to your home after a few hours and get back to your work, school, and workplace after you feel comfortable. It makes your skin more sensitive, and you must use sunscreen to protect your skin. (wheatonsportcenter.com)

How To Prepare For The Micro-needling Procedure?

If you wish to maintain the results, you must have prepared well for this surgical procedure. You have to talk to your doctor for professional guidance. They will suggest to you how to prepare for micro-needling. Doctors will tell you about the requirements of the sessions. You might need multiple sessions to address the unwanted texture of your face.

Therefore, ask your doctor about the ways that you need to prepare. By doing so, you get the best possible results. You might stop using certain medications before the treatment. Doctors will advise stopping using retinoids to reduce the risks of side-effects.

How To Perform Micro-needling At Your Home?

For removing acne scars, a professional skin needling helps. In general, medical anesthesia, nurses, physician, and professionals are required to perform micro-needling. However, some people choose to use micro-needling devices at home to perform micro-needling. The procedure becomes cost-effective, and it uses shorter-microneedles. A person has to be careful why doing it at home. Here I have given a few steps to perform micro-needling at home. However, I advise you to take proper care, understand the procedure thoroughly, and take an expert’s advice.

Home Micro-needling Preparation:

First of all, choose the right micro-needling device for your comfort. It must suit you. You can select a micro-needling device from three main categories, dream rollers, derma pen, and derma stamps. Derma rollers are not expensive and look like a paint roller. However, most dermatologists recommend you to use derma pens and derma stamps. It is because they give vertical penetration, and it is less painful. The price range for a home micro-needling device is from $50 to $200.

Determination Of Length:

You can not use needles of all lengths to get the desired results. Determine the size of micro-needles. At homes, one requires shorter microneedles. For example, clinics use some needles ranging from 0.5mm 5o to 3mm long, but at home, the needle length is 0.25 to 1 mm, or sometimes it is 1.5mm long. 

Follow The Instructions:

Be careful while performing micro-needling at your home. Do not avoid reading instructions before using microneedles. By following instructions, you get the exact knowledge and detailed information about the procedure. You can understand the product and its features so that you can understand how to use it wisely. The instructions, treatment, and features depend on the manufacturers and products.

Use Sanitizers:

Before using micro-needling devices, you must sanitize them to ensure safety. Put the device on the needle side, and use a small bowl of rubbing alcohol or sanitizer. Keep this device deep into alcohol or sanitizer for approximately 1 to 2 minutes.

Face Cleansing:

Don’t ever use micro-needling devices directly without washing your face. Remove makeups, dust particles, and oil (if oily skin). You can use a face cleanser that helps you to remove dirt, grime, makeup, and oil, from the surface of your skin. No one would like to see bacteria going inside the skin. Therefore, face cleansing is a must. After washing your face, use a clean towel to dry it. 

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Use Micro-needling Device (Preparation):

First, to make the procedure simple, divide your face (in your mind) into six sections. Mentally dividing your face means focusing on various sections, like the forehead, cheeks, chin, eye areas, nose, and upper lips. It covers your face. You can also use micro-needling devices at your neck and upper chest. 

Use Micro-needling Device:

Start gliding the micro-needling device like a razor across your face. Use the device in the vertical direction, horizontal direction, and diagonal direction so that you can cover your face. Do not forget to use your second hand to pull your skin tight so that the device can do its task. Do not use the device on sections multiple times in a single session. Also, don’t pass over the same skin more than ten times per treatment. While changing direction, lift the device. Otherwise, it will tear apart your skin and damage or bleed. 

Regulate Pressure:

Too much pressure is not advisable. While using the micro-needling device, apply light pressure. It may be uncomfortable and tingle but does not damage your skin, or it will not bleed.

Face Cleansing After Treatment:

Once you finish treatment, do not clean or wash your face for at least 6-8 hours. Do give it a rest immediately after treatment.

Disinfect Micro-needling Device:

When you finish, rinse needles under warm water into a bowl of rubbing alcohol. It helps you to clean and disinfect a micro-needling device. It will protect it against bacteria that might come through the skin. Store this device in its original case after disinfecting it. 

Final Thoughts:

Do you wish to undergo skincare treatments like micro-needling? If yes, this article must have helped you gather the right knowledge and information about micro-needling devices, like microneedle pen, and how to use them professionally to get the desired results.

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