The Benefit and Price of Pukhraj Stone

After breaking down artificially, Pukhraj stone is the name given to the mineral corundum’s yellow assortment. It is demonstrated that aluminum, hydrovisil, and florin are available alongside minor iron components. This is the way they get their beautiful color. Further, in this article, we will learn about the Pukhraj stone-like price of Pukhraj stone, the benefits of using it, which people should wear it? We will get to know everything.

Pukhraj stones are staggeringly intense and scratch safe and the higher rate on the Mohs scale. Pukhraj Stone is found in different colors, just as in a colorless assortment known as Safed Pukhraj. The best jewel is supposed to be of the lemon-yellow color gemstone. Pukhraj Stone is the most pivotal and considerate gemstone by the excellence of its favorable relationship with the coercive planet Jupiter. Jupiter goes about as an instructor among all the worlds, and it conveys credits like abundance, good wellbeing, success, astuteness for its wearer. It is recognized to be the most propitious planet

The gemstone identified with Jupiter is-the yellow sapphire, which is generally helpful to the locals of the Sagittarius and Pisces indications of the zodiac. It is also one of its sort of stone that suits everybody; henceforth, everybody should attempt this stone once in their lifetime. Hindi name for yellow sapphire is Pukhraj. Sanskrit name for Pukhraj Stone is Pusparaga, Guru-Ratna, Puspa-Raja, Vascapati vallabha, 

Source of pukhraj stone 

Pukhraj Stone is discovered in India, Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, East Africa, United States, and Brazil. 

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Characteristics of Pukhraj stone 

Carat – Gemstone is estimated in the unit of a carat. The bigger size of the stone is higher in price. It is said that the huge size of gemstone uplifts the odds of real tainting if Pukhraj is cleaner, greater, so it’s per-carat price likewise increments. 
Cut – Stones are cut in different shapes and sizes. Round and oval pukhraj is most minimal in price, while faceted cut pukhraj stone is high in price. 
Treatment – A huge number are experienced in the warming cycle or color treatment to make them more understood or sparkling. The untreated and unheated gemstone is profoundly important, though glass-filled, lab-made, or engineered stones are low in price.
Clearness – If the gemstone is clear in appearance, then it implies it is unique. Clear gemstones are high in quality, and their price is likewise exceptionally high. 
Color – Some stone bears the estimation of color. If the color is splendid and sparkling, then the stone is unique. Yellow, brilliant, or lemon color yellow stone, which has decent color consistency, is essential than those stones which convey the color of green, orange, or gold. 

Pukhraj Stone Heals pain and sicknesses. 

The Blue Cosmic Rays of a Pukhraj Stone is useful in sicknesses like – Goiter, Cholera, Small-pox, Palpitation, Vomiting, Dysentery, Diarrhea, Jaundice, Colic, Inflammations in different pieces of the body, Emotional Shocks – mainly because of fickleness and tonsils. Even though it might appear to be astonishing yet Pukhraj Stone produces light blue grandiose beams. When seen through a crystal, it displays a calming light blue color. This has an association with the planet Jupiter which directs the life guideline in every single person. Jupiter signifies the Fat System and all organs of the body. 

Planet for Pukhraj stone 

Brihaspati Planet for Pukhraj Stone In old Hindu writing, Brihaspati is a Vedic time sage who directs the divine beings, Brihaspati, the biggest planet Jupiter. 

Advantages of Pukhraj Stone 

  • Pukhraj Stone is suggested for wearing in after sicknesses brought about by a frail Jupiter in the horoscope in crystal gazing. These are helpless memory, absence of interest in investigations, stoutness, lip service, craziness, swellings of various types, liver issues. 
  • It very well may be utilized for cutting down fever, halting dying, inciting rest, and rest. Aggravations can be diminished, agonies can be taken out, and tempers can be cooled by a Yellow Sapphire’s legitimate utilization, which has a solid Aura and has never been utilized by anybody. 
  • It improves the managerial capacities and impact as a rule. Something beneficial for power-hungry individuals. Be that as it may, on the negative side, it builds aspiration a few times to an extreme level approaching insanity. 
  • The Blue Cosmic Rays discharged by a Pukhraj Stone have a purifying and disinflaming property. It decreases aggravation and has a cooling, alleviating, and hindering impact on the person. 
  • It improves the psychological force and is a decent medication for Loss of Appetite, Indigestion, Leprosy, and Piles. 
  • All issues related to Kapha (water) and Vayu (air) are constrained by the Ashes of Yellow Sapphire’s right utilization. 
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How to check whether it is a Real Pukhraj stone or not?

  • If kept in milk for 24 hours, it doesn’t change color. 
  • If set on white material and presented to daylight, it gives a yellow tint to the spot where the light is reflected. 
  • It fixes harmful bug nibbles quickly if scoured on the beset zone. 

Sapphire is among the toughest gemstones. This is one reason why the price of pukhraj stone is very high. In its standard structure, corundum is even utilized as a rough! Clean your sapphire with warm water, cleanser, and a soft brush. Sapphire can be placed in ultrasonic or steam cleaners. 

Customs before wearing a Pukhraj Stone 

Pukhraj Stone ought to be inserted in the gold ring so that it contacts your skin. The ring is to be worn on the forefinger. Before wearing Pukhraj Stone, dunk it into cow milk or Gangajal for, in any event, 10 minutes. A Pukhraj Stone ought to be worn on a Thursday, in a rising moon cycle, and when the Pushya Nakshatra is available. Yellow Sapphire ought to be worn reciting the Mantra: “Om Graham Greem Graum Sah Guruve Namaha.” 

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Instructions to wear Pukhraj Stone 

When you wear Pukhraj Stone, you get the feeling of satisfaction, giggling, achievement and karma. In any case, it is imperative to wear the gemstones at an appropriate, propitious time and day—one necessity to adhere to the directions for wearing pukhraj stone to ensure this Jupiter gemstone’s advantages. 

What kind of people needs to wear Pukhraj Stone?

  • When your ascendant is Leo or Scorpio, then your fifth house, the place of karma, is controlled by Jupiter; the pearl of Jupiter is Yellow Sapphire. To engage your fifth house, you should wear Pukhraj Stone in forefinger. 
  • The savants, specialists, essayists, instructors, speakers, lawmakers, and researchers are prescribed to utilize Pukhraj to get extraordinary life and vocation accomplishments. 
  • The pearl of Jupiter is Pukhraj Stone or Yellow Sapphire. To engage Jupiter, one should wear Pukhraj or Yellow sapphire on the forefinger. 
  • The planet Jupiter rules two houses, for example, Sagittarius and Pisces. To fortify your ascendant, you should wear Pukhraj Stone in the pointer. 
  • When your ascendant is Aries or Cancer, then your 10th house, Jupiter manages karma; the pearl of Jupiter is Yellow Sapphire. To engage your 10th house, you should wear Pukhraj Stone in forefinger. 
  • Students who are showing up for IIT, IAS, and MBA, and so on 
  • Who needs security and improvement in specific regions or who are envious of gaining riches and status in life or who are confronting issues in getting hitched or settling after marriage, or maybe who is running the Mahadasha? Antardasha of Jupiter.
  • Those enduring because of the torment of the Jupiter 
  • Obesity, bad faith, madness, swellings of numerous sorts, liver issues, Pancreas issues, skin issues, jaundice, tumors, and so on can be relieved by wearing Pukhraj Stone. 
  • Pukhraj Stone additionally fills in as a medication in coronary failures, obviousness, and growing issues. 
  • Pukhraj Stone is additionally suggested for individuals who have helpless memory and need an interest in examinations.

In case you come under any of these categories which means you must wear Pukhraj stone. Besides, you do not need to think much about the price of Pukhraj stone because it comes at a very affordable cost, and it is also easily available in the market.


Pukhraj stone has amazing benefits that may change your life. You have always heard of bad luck, which sometimes resists becoming successful; this kind of minor issue can be solved using Pukhraj stone. Pukhraj stone is available at online markets like Flipkart and Amazon. You can compare the quality and price of Pukhraj stone from all the different websites and buy when it looks 100% genuine and real.