Key Considerations While Buying Children’s Sewing Machine

If you gift a first sewing machine to your kids, you help them to cherish their lovely memories for a lifetime. It’s something they learn to sew under your guidance and mentorship and remember forever. In this article, I will discuss the essential things to consider. So, go through them before you buy a children’s sewing machine. I will also discuss how to improve your kid’s skill through ideas and designs, how much you have to spend on a sewing machine, its benefits, and what age you should allow your kids to sew.

Overview Of Children Sewing Machine:

Once you buy a sewing machine for your kids, you can see them picking up new skills, like any other skills children learn in their growth stage. There is no doubt that children learn this skill quickly. All you have to do is to teach them some basic hand stitches. Choosing the correct sewing machine for your kids is essential yet very easy. If you have bought a sewing machine for adults, you might have considered several things. Similarly, for kids, a sewing machine must be safe, not too expensive, and it should have as many features as it could so that your kids can learn many things with a single machine.

Things To Consider Before Buying Sewing Machine For Kids:

As I have discussed above, there are so many things that you can consider before buying a children’s sewing machine. Some machines have automatic systems controlled by computers. So, kids can select the stitches and length/width. So, go through this section to know about primary things to consider.

Machine Type:

There are computerized and mechanical machines available. Computerized-machines have a screen that helps kids selecting stitches and their width/length. However, some sewing machines need to operate features through dials because they are mechanical machines.


What type of stitches can be done in a sewing machine is also essential. Some stitches, like basic stitches, straight stitches, zig-zag stitches, lightning stitches, buttonhole stitches, and any other type you may need to perform. Similarly, blind hem stitches of edge finishing stitches are also useful to learn for kids.


Children love to draw designs if the machine has the designing feature. However, this should not influence the decision to buy a good quality sewing machine. Some plain-machines have more features at the same cost.


It is always best to consider a pocket-friendly sewing machine for kids or adults. You must go through various options and do enough research to make sure you can buy the best quality and cheaper machine when compared with others having the same features.

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Children Suitability:

It is the essential thing that you need to consider. Buying a sewing machine for your kids means it suits their age, attention span, and skills that they need to learn. If your kids are curious, have a large attention span, and a strong interest in learning sewing machines, you can buy them an advanced machine with many features.

Children Safety:

Sewing machines have very sharp needles. Therefore, you must make sure you have bought a safer sewing machine. Children should be able to control their speed through the slider. The sewing machine must have done finger guards. In short, the safety of your children is focused-point when you buy a kid’s sewing machine.

What Makes A Best Suited Sewing Machine For Kids?

Buying a sewing machine for kids means focusing on the features and suitability to your kids. A sewing machine for kids has to be sturdy, well-built, easy to use, easy to handle, and it should have simple-functions. There are plenty of kids sewing machines available in the market. You may have seen that most of them are toys. But, for new skills, you need to buy a real sewing machine. Additionally, it is always best to give priority to the kid’s safety. 

Of course, you don’t need to purchase a heavy-duty sewing machine for your kids. You must not overwhelm your kids with those complicated features in heavy-duty sewing machines. Instead, choosing a sewing machine with primary functions and simple functionality helps them learn new skills. 

Features Of Best Suited Sewing Machine For Kids:

Suited Feet:

You need to buy a sewing machine having feet attached with a screw to stay in place. It makes sewing easy. 

Suitability Of Foot Pedal:

Many young children often find it hard to sew with a standard foot pedal. So, to solve this issue (if your kid faces this issue), you need to buy push button mode. It has consistent stitches speed.

Machine Speed:

A machine with a push button model has to run at a consistent speed. If it happens, your kids can achieve precision and accuracy in sewing garments. Additionally, kids don’t lose control over the foot pedal. 

Machine Weight:

It is an essential consideration.  The weight of the sewing machine depends on the age and size of your kids. If the sewing machine drops on the foot by mistake, it will cause less damage if it is lesser in weight.

Machine Warranty:

Do you think your kids will take care of machines forever? You can never expect it from the kids. They might break things even if those are expensive. So, you have to safeguard the sewing machine with a warranty.

At What Age Should You Allow Your Kids To Work With Sewing Machines?

Allowing your kids to be independent for their clothes is cool to make them able to sew their garments. But at what age? When is it safe to use a children’s sewing machine? Some children use the sewing machine at the age of 3. However, developing new skills, exploring creativity, and having mastery take time. They take time to perform advanced stitches and prepare patterns. If your kids learn to prepare patterns and designs at a young age, they develop habits to respect arts. So, when they understand about it is ideal to use a sewing machine.

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How Much Should You Spend On Kids Sewing Machines?

The best kid’s sewing machine has to be simple and easy to use. You do not require to buy a sewing machine with heavy-duty features and a high-speed machine. It means you can expect to spend less to buy a kid’s sewing machine. Ideally, sewing machines starting from $50 are best suited for kids. In this range, you can buy a machine with safety, less weight, and regular speed. By doing so, you can allow kids to deal with it. You can also increase your budget to buy more convenient and suitable machines.

Tips That Helps Improving Your Kid’s Sewing Skills:

If your child has interests in crafting, art, and sewing, you must encourage them to sharpen their skills. The following tips will give you a basic idea of how you can motivate your kids to improve their sewing skills.

  • To make sewing fun, you have to give them projects according to their suitability. You can assign tasks starting from shoelaces to lace through hole-punched cards, stitches, and patterns gradually with age.
  • Give them projects of their interests. Do not let your kids lose interest in the children’s sewing machine or sewing skills. Think of their abilities.
  • Be a step-by-step mentor for your kids. Each task that you give must explore their creativity. Their projects should be harder gradually.
  • You can not make them regret their mistakes. You have to make mistakes in sewing lessons. Teach them that making mistakes is a part of sewing skills.
  • Gift them lots of sewing books. It inspires them to start new projects each time whenever they finish their projects. Books give the right knowledge.
  • Give your kids freedom for creativity, let them imagine and dream, let them plan projects, and create the same. Involve yourself with their imagination and projects.

How Pattern Ideas Can Help Improve Your Kid’s Sewing Skills?

In this section, I will give you some sewing patterns and ideas that your kids can practice. By doing so, they can explore new possibilities and improve their skills.

Project Fabric Hearts:

Children’s sewing machines are best for fabric hearts. They can choose their favorite fabric, its color, and sew hearts.

Project Pinwheels:

They will feel creative by practicing DIY pinwheels. Do not forget to give full supervision to them. You can make your children sewing stars with the right-supervision and guidance.

Project Velcro Wallet:

Have you ever imagined making velcro wallets? You can use this type of project to gift kids and friends. All your kid needs to gather the right material and start seeing.

Benefits Of Sewing Skills For Kids:

  • It helps to explore skills and expand a kid’s mind.
  • Using the latest technologies to improve sewing skills gives them a sense of peace, satisfaction, and pride. 
  • They can design, make, and modify their garments to represent themselves.
  • As an art, sewing can boost your kid’s confidence, creativity, independence, and positivity.

Wrapping Up:

Do you think your child is old enough to work with a children’s sewing machine? If you have any doubts regarding kids sewing machines, its features, and what things you have to consider before buying a kids sewing machine, I hope this article could help resolve all your queries. You can buy a kid’s sewing machine in your budget and explore your kid’s skills.