What Is Doodle Fiction? How To Start Doodling For Beginners?

Are you interested in doodle fiction? That may be the reason why you have reached this page. Reading this article will give you the exact reason why this topic has always trended. This article is all about the eye-catching graphics that you might be wondering how to create and draw. In this article, I will guide you through detailed information on doodles. It includes the benefits of it and how to start creating and drawing eye-catching graphics. You will understand Doodles from the basics. So, without any delays, let us begin with this article.

What Is Doodle Fiction?

In simple words, doodle fiction is a genre. Or you can say it is one of the 21st-century literature genres. They look attractive, eye-catching, and they are interesting. In this genre, the authors have to incorporate doodling the writings and drawings. Authors use graphics as handwritten instead of traditional fonts. By creating your fictional stories with the help of Doodles, you can enhance them. It is possible because this genre adds various elements to the story.

In other words, you can call doodle fiction as literary presentations. It includes doodling of writing, drawing, and handwritten graphics instead of using traditional fonts. 

Why Do Doodles Exist?

Kids are always curious and interested in fictional stories and books. Therefore, doodles, as a comedy book, target younger children. These books have many Fictional stories consisting of cartoon doodles of handwritten graphics. 

What Is The Essential Consideration?

While preparing doodles books, authors or writers need to have enough knowledge of drawings. Drawing for a doodle is an essential part of any story. It can add more life to tales, comedy to it, and make books engaging to read. Without drawings, books are not engaging and eye-catching.

What Do You Need To Know About Doodles?

The first and essential part of doodle fiction is doodling. You can say it is the core of any fictional story. If any authors want to make Doodles, they must know to doodle and incorporate them into the tales. Therefore, he must understand why the doodling concept is there and how he can use it to make eye-catching drawings and stories. It means one has to understand everything about doodling, like history, how to learn and create, and the benefits of creating doodles to get encouraged. Therefore, this section is about in-depth knowledge of doodles. So, let us proceed with what Doodles are and the history of doodles.

What Do We Mean By Doodle?

To make it simple and for ease of understanding, say doodle itself is a drawing. It occupies the attention of readers. There is no complexity with doodles, and they are simple drawings. It helps to create concrete and engaging representation and meaning of lines and stories. Authors generally do not lift the drawing device from the paper while doodling. This device is a scribble. Scribblings and doodling are interesting for young children. They often find it hard to keep their coloring attempts within the art of subjects. It happens because of their lower mental development.

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Examples Of Doodling:

  • One can find examples of Doodles in school notebooks. Students daydream and plot on their books. 
  • Sometimes people create art on paper if they have a pen and paper while having a telephonic conversation.
  • Cartoon versions of faculties and teachers in schools, famous comic characters, TV characters are popular doodles. 
  • Some kinds of fictional beings, geometric shapes, landscapes, patterns, textures, and many more are examples of doodles.

What Is The History Of Doodling?

Even though I’ve described well how to understand doodles, it may be complicated for many readers to define Doodles. Of course, readers have reached to this page to solve their doubts. Therefore, let’s dive deep down into the history of doodling to understand it deeply.

Do you think doodling is the easiest way to pass your time? Let me clear this misconception because the history of the doodle is the foundation of written communication. Drawing hearts, teachers, and shapes in the book is not the trend of the 21st century. It is the legacy from prehistoric days. 

Do not call doodling an underrated and ignored art form if you want to understand and learn doodle fiction. The oldest cave paintings (approximately 40,000 years old) had used doodling. Prehistoric men drew chicken-like etchings on the walls of the cave. They used stones and sticks to describe human hands, patterns, wild animals, and other things to establish communication.

Some earliest drawings are found in Spain and France that look around 3200 BC. There are some drawings on the clay tablets, and these drawings are random shapes and images at the edges of the clay piece. It continued developing and becoming an art form. Doodle never meant Drawings. It is similar to scribble. The origin of it tells comical stories.

How To Start Doodles?

As I have said, to understand doodle fiction, it is essential to know to doodle. Similarly, to start doodle fiction, you have to learn to doodle. Ultimately, it’s a doodle that you use to elaborate your fictional tales and stories as doodles.

To learn Doodling is not rocket science. It is easy to do, and even if you have no ideas about how to draw, you can start doodling. If you think you make ugly doodles, you still have all the benefits of it that I will discuss in the latter part of this article. 

If you search on the internet for videos or articles, you will find many ways to learn to doodle. But after doing proper research and analysis, I have plotted the easiest and practically possible ways to learn to doodle.

Learn Basic Shape:

One needs to learn to draw twelve basic shapes. These shapes make your learning as fast as possible. Learn about lines, spirals, angles, dots, and triangles. They are alphabets in a visual form.

Stencil Is Your Tool:

Do you think you can not draw well? Beginners often find it hard to draw their shapes. You can use stencils. All you need to do is to buy yourself one stencil and start drawing shapes. Use stencils for the initial projects of your Doodles.

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Beginner’s Guide YouTube Videos:

You may have tried to search various things on YouTube to know how it is made, how it works, and how to do it. Same way, you can find lots of quality doodling tutorials on YouTube. Follow some channels and become a master from a beginner.

Book Is The Key For Knowledge:

Whatever we want to learn, we learn it from the content created by someone else. Like you study from a book, you can buy some How-To-Books for doodling. They teach how to start with it, and you learn the basics of Doodles. At this age, it is popular to doodle. Therefore, many creators have written books that you can buy to learn to doodle.

Draw Doodle Freestyles:

Tell me one name who started from the master’s level! Allow yourself to try freestyle. Use a pen or pencil and paper and sit to draw anything. Your mind can think beyond your expectations. Star from the beginning and think you are using lines and shapes instead of words. If you try to do a particular drawing or draw images, you will stick. Do not criticize yourself for ugly initial draws. It is only you who sees it. Be free from beliefs and expectations. Just make your hands draw anything.

Benefits Of Doodles:

Do you know how doodles benefit you? Doodling is one of the ways to learn anything efficiently. It increases productivity with better performance. There is no need to be a complicated and master painter. Doodling is for everyone, no matter if one knows how to draw or not. Along with it, there are several benefits of doodling because it’s easy to make and elaborate patterns or designs to images of concrete objects.

More Concentration Power:

If you are a doodler, you have more concentration, or you remember more information than those who are non-doodlers, according to the study published in 2009.

Improves Your Creativity:

Doodling helps spur creative insight. The author of THE DOODLE REVOLUTION: Unlock The Power To Think Differently, Sunni Brown, said doodling stimulates the areas of your brain remaining dormant if you are in linguistic mode.

Doodling Helps Processing Emotions:

Some studies established that art helps individuals reconnecting thinking and feelings. While doing a journal, you get better results by adding doodles to your entries. Doodle helps in recognizing and expressing your emotions.

Stress Relieving By Doodle:

Some people can use coloring books to reduce stress levels. However, it may not be enough. Therefore, I recommend you to prefer doodling along with coloring books to control and moderate stress levels.

Doodling Is Creative Outlet:

Doodling is a simple creative outlet having no steep learning curve. You can do it for five minutes a day.

Learning Abilities:

By practicing doodling, you can see an increase in your learning ability.

Think Big:

Doodling will help you think big. Thinking big help in doing big, and doing something big means to achieve big.

Wrapping Up:

Do you think doodling will help you with exploring your skills? Start doodle fiction today and elaborate your fictional stories in a meaningful way. I hope this article could give you the exact information to change your thoughts about doodles, and you can start doodling.